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Old Series Plans Found!

I was digging around in an old folder I found under my bed, and it had a bunch of ideas and plots for old projects we never made. I found the plot lines for all 52 PokéWrong episodes and the two movies (sob), and something else awesome. We were planning to have a "Pilot Showcase", where we would make first episodes based on a bunch of ideas and show them off to decide which ones we continued, though I'm pretty sure wr didn't end up doing it. The pilots were: MACE, Upstate NY, Streetwise, The Obama Chronicles, Venus High, The Thing and Sheldon Vindershnock: Defender of the Universe. We all know what MACE and The Thing are. Upstate NY was a Friends/Seinfeld rip-off that I plotted three and a half seasons of (I found the plans: it was awful). Streetwise was about a bunch of former child TV stars trying to make a comeback. I found a one-season plan (again: terrible). Venus High was about a girl who investigated mysteries at her high school. I plotted two series: it was actually pretty alright, and there were loads of plot twists. The Obama Chronicles was gonna be a spin-off of The Mommy Show that followed Obama. I didn't write any episode plans. Sheldon Vindershnock was created by the Weenie and was about some really nerdy guy fighting aliens or something. Didn't make any plans.

It's funny to look back at all this stuff that we thought was awesome that we now realise suck. Remind me not to mention these in my Oscar acceptance speech.

Just kidding. We'll leave that to Matthew (obviously kidding again).
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Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

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--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".