The return of Pokéwrong

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The return of Pokéwrong

Mommy Guy
I started making a Pokemon animation, when I had the idea to revive Pokewrong as an animated series!

                       "I'M ASH KETCHUM FROM PALLET TOWN"

We'd rewrite it, of course, but it would keep it's name anyway. I was thinking an adventure time-style show with episodes around three to four minutes long.


Everybody get up it's time to slam now
 We got a real jam goin' down
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Re: The return of Pokéwrong

I approve!

Except for Misty's arms looking all wonky...

I'll repost the scripts here.
Donna: What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!

Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

Donna: Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate!...Okay, you caught me: I don't even eat the bananas.

--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".
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Re: The return of Pokéwrong

Since PokeWrong has been cancelled, and I spent alot of time writing this and think it deserves to see the light of day, I've decided to publish the entire script right here on the Fan Club.


                               Episode 1

Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town wakes up and starts miming and dancing to the Pokémon Theme song.
Mr. Mime enters his room off-screen.
Mr Mime: Mr. Mime!
Ash: Oh my god, Mr. Mime, shut your freakin mouth, okay!
Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime, Mime, Mime!
Ash: Mr. Mime this!
Off-screen, he throws him out the window. We hear Mr. Mime scream.  
He eventually goes downstairs to his mother.

Mom: Good morning, Ash, Honey. Did you make your bed?
Ash: Yes, Mom.
Mom: Clean your room?
Ash: Yes!
Mom: Put on clean ones?
Ash: MOM!
Mom: Ok, Ok! Oh, crap, I forgot, Brock is coming over.
Ash: Oh, dammit, He’ll walk into that huge tree again!
Ash runs outside.
Ash: Brock? Brock?
Brock: ASH!
Ash sees Brock running towards him unable to see. He crashes into the huge tree.
Ash: Oh crap, Brock! Why do you keep doing that?
Brock: Okay, first my Mom rips on me about it and now you?! I told you, it’s scientifically proven that I walk into trees!
Ash: Why don’t you open your eyes, like, ever, anyway?
Brock: When I was a baby, I never opened my eyes, so they got crusty, and then it spread over my eyes, and the doctors...
Ash: ALRIGHT, alright, I’m sorry I asked now. So, you want to play with my new Bulbasaur action figure, or...
Brock: OH MY GOD!!!
Ash: What?
Brock: OH MY GOD!!!
Ash: Seriously, what is it?
Brock: OH MY GOD!!!
Brock: I just remembered! We’re old enough to get REAL Pokemon!!!
Ash: You mean, we only had to be 12 to get one?
Brock: No, we only had to be 10.
Ash: What?
 Brock: We only had to be 10 to get a Pokemon.
Brock: I thought you knew!
Ash: Well come on, craphead, let’s get to Professor Oak’s, quick!
Ash runs off. Brock begins to follow.
Brock: (Muttering) Didn’t have to call me craphead.  

Ash and Brock arrive at Professor Oak’s House, and knock on the door. He answers.
Prof. Oak: Yes?
Ash: Are you Prof. Oak?
Prof. Oak (looking suspicious): YYYEEEESSSS, Sure I am.
He is pushed away by the real Prof. Oak.
Prof. Oak: Sorry about him, he keeps following me. What do you need, son?
Ash and Brock: WE WANT POKEMON!!!
Prof. Oak: Alright, Alright, crazy kids! Take these and GO away!
Prof. Oak gives them a Pokeball each and shuts the door. Ash and Brock run away giddily.

Ash and Brock sit on the grass and try and open the Pokeballs.
Ash’s falls onto the ground and opens. He looks surprised as a Pikachu appears.
Brock: Ha, Ha, hate that! You got stuck with a rat!
Ash: Oh, yeah, well what did you get?
Brock: (Weeping): I DON’T KNOW, I CAN’T OPEN IT!!! WAAAAHHHH!!!
Ash takes Brock in his arms and rocks him side to side.

Ash is seen in a big field. He approaches the camera.
Ash: Well, I think It’s time to start catching em all! I’m gonna go look in the tall grass.
Ash starts searching in the grass.
Ash: Okay, they’ll be hear any minute now.
He continues to look.
Ash: How do they fit in here?!?!?!
He starts pelvis thrusting.
He stops.
Ash: Jesus Christ, this is hard. I should probably fight in some gyms before I even think about going to the championships.

At Ash’s house, someone knocks on the door.
Mom: Who is it?
Ash: It’s Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town!
She opens the door.
Mom: Ash, do you have to do that all the time?
Ash: But I got my name legally changed to Ash Ketchum from...
Mom: Ash, it wasn’t funny in the anime, it’s not funny now! So, what did you do today?
Ash: Well, Brock remembered that we were old enough to get Pokemon, so we went over to Prof. Oak’s, got a Pokemon each, mine was a Pikachu, I think, and then I went looking to catch em all in the tall grass.
Mom: How nice!
Brock walks in.
Mom: Hi, Brock, honey! Would you like some curly fries?
Brock: Boy would I!
He sits down at the table.
Ash: Oh, Mom, I forgot! Me and Brock decided that we, 2 under-age children with no cell phones, are going across a dangerous region filled with strangers to look and capture ferocious monsters against their will that could provide potentially fatal injuries and even death, without adult supervision.
Mom: Ok, but wear a coat!
Ash: Ok, bye Mom!
They walk out.

Brock: Well, I better go get my coat.
He walks away.
Ash walks into someone on the street.
Ash: HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU’RE... oh, hi Gary.
Gary: HI, ASH!!! Where you going?
Ash: Me and Brock are, you know, gonna catch em all...
Ash: Hey, that’s great! Well, later, Gary.
Ash fast-walks away.
Ash: Gees, that guy is scarier than that rat I brought home from the alley. Hey, look, an alley!
Ash runs to the alley.

                                      Episode 2
Ash: Well, there’s no rats in here.
Voice: Gimme your money, punk.
Ash: Never, you mugger!
Ash whirls around and sees the most beautiful girl.
Ash: Who are you? I’m Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, by the way.
Misty: I’m Misty, and I don’t give a crap who you are. Now, cough it up!
Ash: Uhhh, I don’t have any money.
Misty eyes his Pokeball.
Misty: Well, then I’ll just take THIS!!!
She snatches it and runs.
Ash: Hey, gimme that back!!!
Ash chases after her.
Out of the alley, Misty drops the ball, and Pikachu comes out. She cups him up and keeps running.
Ash runs out.
Ash: Hey!!! Get back here, you sexy mugger, and give me back my Pikachu.
Misty trips, and drops Pikachu.
Ash arrives.
Ash: Alright, Misty, give me my Pikachu!
Misty: No way! I can sell him, and get money to get me started as a trainer!
Ash: You know, you could just come with me and my friend Brock. We’re becoming trainers, too!
Misty: No way, my bike is right over...
Misty looks over.
Ash: Fine by me. Hey, where did I leave Brock.
Misty: Is he one of those mysterious figures in the fog.
Ash: No, he’s the one on the ground in front of them. Wait a minute!

                                       Episode 3
Ash: Who are those guys?
Brock: ASH? ASH!
Misty: Oh my God! It’s... it’s them!!!
Ash: What? Who?
Misty: It’s...
The 2 figures step out of the fog, revealing they are Team Rocket.
Team Rocket: US!!!
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,
James: To unite all peoples within our nation,
Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
James: To extend our reach to the stars above,
Jesse: Jesse,
James: James,
Jesse: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light!
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight,
Jesse: fight,
Jesse and James: FIGHT!
Ash and Misty look around as if something is missing.
Ash: Uhhh, where’s the cat?
Jesse: Who, Meowth? Oh, he had to get neutered.
James: Yeah, it wasn’t a very pretty sight.
Jesse: Eh, not that he was pretty before.
Ash: Why do you have Brock? Give him back!
James: Give us your Pokemon, and you can have him!
Ash: Why do you want my Pokemon? Are you kidnappers? Who’s your boss?
Jesse: Okay, really, trainer or detective?!
James: Let’s get out of here, Jesse.
Jesse: Yeah, lets fly out on our TEAM ROCKET BALOON!!!
Jesse holds up a stick with a Meowth head stuck on the top. They run away with Brock.
Ash and Misty chase after them up the hill. At the top, Ash sees James has Pikachu.
Ash: How did you get my Pikachu?!?!?!
James: I don’t know, I don’t question plot holes when they work for me. C’mon, Jesse, let’s get out of here!
Suddenly, Gary jumps out behind them and knocks them away.
Gary: HI, ASH!!!
Team Rocket run down the hill.
Team Rocket: TEAM ROCKET ARE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gary: Hey, can I be the new Brock, please?
Brock gets up, next to Ash and Misty.
Brock: Can we go now?
Misty: I think it best that we do.
They walk away.

                                         Episode 4

Ash is having a battle with Gary on a hill, Pikachu versus Butterfrie. Brock and Misty are watching.
Gary: You are SOOOOO going to lose, Ketchum from Pallet Town!
Ash: Not as much as you are, Oak!
Gary: That doesn’t even make sense!
Ash: Oh, yeah, well you suck!
Gary: What do you say we make this interesting?
Ash: Do elaborate.
Gary: I lose, you get my Butterfrie. I win, I get your Pikachu.
Ash: That isn’t a good idea, so, yes, I agree.
Misty: He’s not the smartest Charmander in the Pokedex, is he?
Brock: Not a chance. But, he must be cute, if his mother didn’t give him away. Is he cute?
Misty looks at Ash, and sees him doing the pelvis thrust.
Misty: I’m not comfortable answering that.
Voice: ASH, HONEY!!!! YOO-HOO!!!
Brock: Speaking of mothers...
Ash’s mother comes running up the hill.
Ash: Mom? What are you doing here?
Mom: Well, you forgot your curly fries, so I came to give them to you!
Ash: Uh, mom, I’ve been gone for two weeks.
Mom: Well, I haven’t been following you, if THATS what you’re suggesting!
Mom: That’s nice, honey, who’s your new friend?
Ash: That’s Misty, she’s a vicious mugger who stole Pikachu, and beat me up 19 times in the last week.
Mom: Did you bruise?
Ash: Yep.
Mom: Bleed?
Ash: Indeed.
Mom: Scream, from emotional scars?
Ash: In my sleep.
Mom: How lovely!
Ash: Mom...!
Mom: What’s that? You and your friends want a Frisbee? Of course, honey-boo! Be right back!
Ash’s mom squeezes his cheek then walks away.

Misty walks over
Misty: Your mom is SUPER WIERD!

Later, Ash and Gary are still battling.

Gary: All right, Ash, your losing badly! Just one more hit, and your Pikachu is MINE!!!
Ash: NO!!!
Gary: Now, Butterfrie, attack!
Ash dives in front of Pikachu, and Gary gets hit in the face with a Frisbee.
Mom: Ooops.
Misty: Hey, can we just TAKE his Butterfrie?
Brock: I don’t see a problem with it.
Misty picks up the Butterfrie and she, Brock and Ash leave Ash’s mom alone.
Mom: Hey! You kids want to get some curly fries?

                                        Episode 5  

Ash, Misty and Brock are sitting on a wall, slurping a slush puppy each.
Brock: I’m bored! Can we go play Black and/or White?
Ash continues slurping angrily.
Misty: Hey, why don’t we go play soccer or something? It might be fun.
Ash and Brock start chuckling.
Misty: What?
Ash: Uh, I don’t think you wanna play soccer with us, Misty!
Misty: Why?
Brock: Uh, we rule!
He high-fives Ash.
Jesse: We’ll play you.
Jesse and James appear.
Misty: Okay!
James: Alright, us versus Ketchum and the blind one.
Misty: Why can’t I play?!
James: Uh, we rule!
He fist-bumps Jesse.

Ash, Brock, Jesse and James are in the field, wearing sportswear.
Jesse: Alright, let’s start!
Jesse kicks the ball into Ash’s gut. He keels over.
Jesse: What? This is how you play soccer! We were top of the class in sports at the Team Rocket Academy.
Brock: I don’t think this is gonna be very fun.

Ash and Brock are on the ground in pain.
James: Yay, we’re winners!!!
Jesse: Don’t be gay, James.
Misty walks over.
Misty: I like their version better. Now can I play?
Ash grunts yes.
Misty kicks the football at James feet, and he falls over.
James: Ow!!! You’re a MEAN girl!!! Waa!!!
James runs away, crying.
Jesse: That’s it, you’re so dead!!!
Brock: Wait Jesse, your shoelace!
Jesse screams as she falls over.
Brock: I tried to warn you.
Ash: Hey guys, wanna go to a Gym?
Brock and Misty: Sure.
They leave.

                                          Episode 6

Ash, Misty and Brock are in Ash’s back garden. Brock is counting on his fingers, Misty is chewing gum, and Ash is lying on the grass.
Ash: I’m bored!
Misty: Your always bored! Why don’t you go catch something.
Ash: Because I suck at it! Let’s play Yellow version!!!
Brock: Guys, why can I hear rustling?
Misty: It’s coming from the shed. Let’s go see what it is.
They walk over and open the shed.
Ash: Hey, it’s an Alakazam!
Misty: What’s it doing with its spoon?
Ash’s face goes blank.
Misty: Ash?
Voice: You can have what you desire right this moment.
Ash turns to Misty and kisses her.
Misty slaps him.
Ash: So worth it.
He looks satisfied.
Voice(to Misty): YOU... oh, you already have what YOU desire most...
She holds up a wallet.
Voice: The boy’s wallet. Oh well, on to the next one...
Voice(to Brock): You can say what you love... and NO ONE shall judge you!!!
Brock: I ENJOY COMEDY CENTRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ash and Misty look at him like he’s crazy.
Voice: Ooops, sorry.
Brock: You promised!
Voice: Alright, all of you, just one more thing!
Ash: Ow! There’s something in my head, trying to get out! I. I don’t know what it is! Aaah!!!
Their faces go blank and they start doing Caramall Dancin.

                                      Episode 7
The trainers are walking down the street. They see a weeping boy in their way.
Misty: I got this.
She walks up to him.
Tracy: There’s no point! All my pictures from my camera were stolen from some two cosplay weirdos!!!
Ash, Misty and Brock look at each other.
Ash, Misty and Brock: Team Rocket!
Ash: Who are you?
Tracy: I’m Tracy, photographer for Poke Loke Monthly, the top kids Pokemon magazine.
Brock: Ok, did we ask for your business card?
Tracy: You’re a MEAN boy!
He starts crying again.
Misty: Man, this kid never stops.
Ash: Should we just leave?
Brock: Can we kick him?
Misty: I don’t see why not!
Tracy: WAIT!!! Can you guys help me get my camera back from these Rocket guys?
Ash: What’s in it for us?
Tracy: I’ll let you kick me!
Misty: Fine by me!
She kicks him, and he is knocked unconscious.
Misty: Whoops.

Ash, Misty and Brock approach Team Rocket sitting by a tree.
Brock: Hey, you know that camera you took from that wimp?
James: Yeah.
Ash: Can we have it back?
Jesse: Hmmm... give us your Pikachu, and you can have it.
Misty: Sure.
Ash: WHAT?!?!?!
Misty grabs Pikachu and gives it to Jesse.
Jesse: Yes!
James passes Brock the camera. Brock and Misty pull Ash away.
Pikachu is suddenly flung from Jesse’s grasp. He is pulled along by Misty with a piece of string.
Jesse: Oh, crap, not again!

Ash drops the camera on Tracy.
Ash: Go nuts.

                                       Episode 8

Team Rocket are sitting on a wall, and Jesse is on the phone.
Jesse: Yes, could you put me through to the CEO of Team Rocket HQ please..... Yes, Team Rocket team 7.4, code number 94683659...... Thank you.......Yes, hello boss..... no, nothing to report.......why am I calling....I just wanna know. What you doing?.......Ow!!! You don’t have to yell!!!....What do you mean we haven’t captured any Pokemon in months?........ We’re what?...wait, no! Boss!!!
She puts down the phone.
James: So how’s the boss?

Ash, Misty and Brock are trying to solve a rubix cube in Ash’s garden. Jesse and James come staggering by.
Ash: Hey, what Magikarps biting your ass?
James: We got fired.
Mrs. Ketchum: What? Oh, you poor babies! Do you have anywhere to stay?
Jesse and James: No, Mrs. Ketchum.
Mom: Oh, you can stay with us! And, please, call me Mom.
Ash: WHAT?!?!?!
Mom: And Ash and his friends can help take care of you!
Ash, Misty and Brock: WHAT?!?!?!

In Ash’s sitting room, Brock is sitting on the couch with a bowl of soup and a spoon. Jesse and James’s heads are resting on his lap.
Jesse: The nights are the hardest! And the day is dreadful! And morning.... is just dreadful!
James: It’s even harder when Seinfeld is on.
Jesse: Oh, yes! Watching our favourite show is shameful!
Brock: yeah, yeah, eat your soup!
He stuffs the spoon in Jesse’s mouth, then James’s.
Misty (from another room): Your bath is ready!
Jesse and James: Oh, boy! They run out of the room.

Jesse and James come out wearing robes and towels. James looks at the clock.
James: Jesse, look at the time!
Jesse: Alright, Seinfeld’s on!!!
They run off.

In the middle of the night, they are still watching Seinfeld.
Ash comes downstairs.
Ash: Guys, it’s 4 in the morning, would you just go asleep! This is the 29th night in a row you haven’t slept!
Jesse: Yep! Haven’t cracked yet!
She and James collapse.
He opens the front door, and leaves them on the porch.

                                         Episode 9
Ash, Misty and Brock walk up to Ash’s front door.
Ash: Well, I’ve been away for  almost a month now. I bet my mom really misses me.
He opens the door, and walks into the sitting room.
On the sofa, Ash’s mom and Prof. Oak are making out.
He runs out screaming.

In the garden, Mom walks up to the shed.
Mom: Ash?
Ash: I’m not here.
Mom: Ash, Prof. Oak and I are a couple. I’m sorry I didn’t ask your permission first.
Ash comes out.
Ash: I’m sleeping over at Brock’s.
He walks away.

On the field, Ash, Misty and Brock are sitting by a tree.
Misty: You have to accept this, Ash. She can’t always be your mom.
Ash: I know, I know. It’s just, she’s always there for me. Ever since my Dad left, she’s been doing the whole single parent thing awesomely. And now who am I going to see when I get back? Mr and Mrs. Oak?
Brock: Ash, they haven’t even been dating a month, and your thinking about them getting married?
Ash: I....I don’t know.

At Ash’s house, his mom answers the door to Ash.
Mom: Honey, I...
Ash: Don’t. I just wanna say, you have my blessing.
Mom: Oh, Ashy...
She hugs him.
Mom: You want some curly fries?
Ash: Don’t ruin it.

                                       Episode 10
Ash, Misty and Brock are walking down the hill.
Ash: Finally, I’ve got seven badges! I just need one more, and I can qualify for the Championships!
Misty: Hey, it’s that Tracy kid!
Tracy runs towards them.
Tracy: Hey guys, I just heard you’re going to the Championships! I..I know a short-cut to the place with the arena, and the last gym!
Ash: Alright, let’s do it, anything to get nearer to victory!
He winks and dons the peace sign to the screen.
Brock: Wh... What are you doing?
Ash: I don’t know. Just... thought it would be cool.
Misty: Can we just go now?
They towards the trees.
Tracy: Alright, we’ll be there in a jiffy.

The 4 trainers are shown staggering through the trees.
Brock: This is taking a REALLY long jiffy!
Misty: I thought you said this was a short-cut!
She looks around for Tracy.
Misty: Where’s Tracy?
Ash: Oh, he dropped down about a half-hour go.
Misty: Good riddance! I’m starving!!!
Brock: Can’t...go on.... any... longer....!
He collapses.
Ash: Ah, crap!

Later, Ash and Misty are still lost.
Misty: down!
She collapses.
Ash is crawling, when he collapses at the exit.
Voice: Hey, what are you kids doing here.
Ash looks up to see Officer Jenny standing over him.
Ash: Who.... who are you?
Jenny: I’m Officer Jenny. You two kids are trespassing!
Ash: Sorry, Officer Jenny, are friend who collapsed about an hour back said this was a short-cut to the last Gym and the Championships semi-final!
Jenny: Well, I better bring you all down the station.
Ash: Ok, but our other two friends, Brock and Tracy, are way back there!
Jenny: I’ll get them, you and your girlfriend wait here.
She walks in.

She comes out holding Brock and Tracy by the scruff of their necks.
Jenny: Alright, I’ve decided to let you kids off with a warning, but don’t EVER come back here!
Tracy: Got it! I better call my magazine’s editor.
Jenny: What are you, a journalist?
Tracy: No, I’m the photographer for Poke Loke Monthly.
Jenny: Wait, Poke Loke Monthly? The kids magazine?
Tracy: Sure am!
Jenny: That magazine is printing on paper imported ILLEGALLY from the Johto Region! Son, I’m going to have to ask you to come to the station for questioning.
Tracy: I don’t know...
Jenny: If you don’t agree, I’ll have to take you by force.
Tracy: Will I get to wear handcuffs?
Jenny: By law, you will have to.
He runs away, and Jenny runs after him, and tackles him.

                                Episode 11
Ash, Brock and Misty walk along the street.
Ash: This is it! The final eighth gym! It’s just up here.
They walk up the hill and see someone meditating. He walks up to her.
Sabrina: You  are Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town?
Ash: Yeah...
Sabrina: I am Sabrina, psychic gym leader.
Ash: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Your one of the gym leaders from Yellow Version!!! You rock!!!
Sabrina: Thank you, I am sure you are alright too.
Ash: Uhhh, what happened to your gym.
Sabrina: Oh, the funders, a.k.a. Nintendo, cut me off. But, it has brought me more at peace. Are you ready to battle, Ash Ketchum?
Ash: You bet!
Sabrina: Then let us do so....
She stands up.
Ash: C’mon, Pikachu, I chose you!
Later, Brock is sitting on the grass. Ash come towards him.
Brock: Well?
Ash: Where’s Misty?
Brock: She went to get drinks. So what happened?
Brock: Congratulations, buddy!
Ash: I can’t wait to tell Misty!
Brock: What, that you LOVE her?
Ash: Shut up! I might have feelings for her, but I don’t LOVE her! I know I say she has a crush on me, but I know she doesn’t feel like I do.
Brock: Wait, so all this time, you really DID like her.
Ash: Yes, but you can’t tell her! I couldn’t handle the rejection.
Brock: Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.
Behind the tree, we see Misty, shocked, revealing only to the viewers that she heard Ash likes her.

                          Episode 12
Ash wakes up in his bed. His Mom comes, and gives him breakfast in bed.
Ash: Thanks, Mom. Today is finally here! The Semi-finals! I’m one step closer to my dream!
Mom: That’s right, Ash, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. If only your father was here to see this.
Ash looks at a picture of his father.
Mom: He would be sorry he left if he knew.
Ash looks at his watch.
Ash: Oh, god, I gotta get ready!
He runs out.
Mom: Hurry, Brock is coming, so be ready at the tree!
She picks up Ash’s dad’s picture.
Mom: Oh, Herb. Where did you get to?

Ash and Brock meet Misty in the street.
Misty: Well, the battles in 15 minutes. Are you ready?
Ash: I think so. How about you Pikachu?
He sees Pikachu keeled over on the ground.

Ash, Brock and Misty are in his room, Pikachu in the bed.
Misty: Well?
Ash: The doctors says he’s too sick to battle, and the only other Pokemon I have is Butterfrie! I should of caught em all first!
Misty: Hey! Pokemon is NOT about catching em all! It’s about the trust between a trainer and their Pokemon! Now you get out there and win! She pushes him out the door.
In his garden, Brock and Misty wait. Ash runs in.
Ash: I lost.
Brock: Oh no.
Misty: Sorry, Ash.
Ash: I... I wanna be alone.
He runs away. Misty runs after him.
On the hill, she approaches him.
Misty: Hey. How you handling the rejection?
Ash: What rejection? I... oh. You heard. And, how do you feel?
Misty: Does THIS answer your question?
He kisses him.


                                         Episode 13

Ash and Misty are walking down the road with Brock, holding hands.

Brock: Awww, you guys are so smitten!
Misty: Are not!
Brock: Oh please, you are so the smitten kittens! Where did you get that ring?
Misty: Ash gave it to me.
Ash looks glum.
Misty: What’s wrong.
Ash: Nothing.
Misty: Ash, you haven’t been the same since you lost the semi-finals.
Ash: Seriously, I’m ok. Hey, I gotta go.
He runs away.
Misty: What do you think is up with Ash?
Brock: I think losing is really hitting him hard.
Misty: You know what we need to do? We need to organise a re-match! And I know JUST who to go too.
A reporter woman is sitting on a wall, eating a sandwich. Misty and Brock approach her.
Jessica: What do you kids want?
Misty: Are you Jessica Cronwell, the editor and reporter of Poke Loke Monthly?
Jessica: Yeah, why?
Misty: You’re a supervisor for the Pokemon Trainer Semi-Finals?
Jessica: Look, I only have an hour for my break...
Misty: Can you help us organise a re-match?
Jessica: I will, if you let me eat my sandwich.
Misty: Ok.
Jessica: Now, get out of my face.
They walk off.

In Ash’s room, he is lying on the bed, once again depressed. Misty and Brock run in.
Misty: Ash, we have great news!
Ash: What?
Brock: We managed to organise a rematch of the Semi-finals!
Ash: What? You mean I get to battle again?
Brock: Yeah, let’s go!
Ash: Misty? You coming?
Misty: What? No, I’m gonna stay here.
They leave.
Misty: I have a lot of thinking to do.

In Ash’s garden, Misty waits. Brock and Ash come in.
Ash: I WON!!! I WON!!!
Misty: Really? That’s great!!!
Brock: I’m gonna go get some people over, for the party!
He goes inside the house.
Misty: Ash, I need to talk to you.
Ash: Sure. What’s up?
Misty: I think we should break-up.
Ash: Wh... Why?
Misty: Because, you seemed so miserable before you won, and, I just don’t think we should stay in a relationship where we aren’t happy. I’m sorry. I hope you can understand.
She starts to tear up, and leaves the garden.
On the path, she takes off her ring, and leaves it on the path.
The camera shows Ash’s surprised and sad face, and fades to black.

                                    END OF SEASON ONE

                           Episode 14
Ash, Misty and Brock are walking down the road. Ash and Misty look awkward.
Brock: Are you guys ok?
Ash and Misty: Yes!
Someone in red comes up behind them.
Mario: It’s a me, Mario!
Brock: Ash, who’s that?
Ash: I don’t know, but he’s freaky!
Misty: Let’s get out of here!
They run into Ash’s house, and Mario beats on the door.
Brock: WHERES YOUR MOM?!?!?!
Misty: It’s fine! We can just go out the back door.
They head for the back door, but Mario appears.
Mario: Let’s a go!!
They all scream, and run in different directions.
Ash hides in his room, in the closet. When the door opens, he screams.
Brock: RELAX! IT’S ME!!!
Ash: Oh, thank god!
He comes out.
Ash: Who is that freak?!
Brock: I’m not sure, but he seems familiar.
Ash: Wait. Where’s Misty?
They here a noise.
Brock: What the...?
Ash: I think it came from the bathroom.
They creep down the hall, into the bathroom. In the bath, they see Misty, chugging Listerine.
Misty: Drinking Listerine.
Brock: Well, stop!
Misty: No! It tastes better then Tequila and Vodka mixed together without the vodka. Tequila! LISTERINE!!!
Ash tries to pull it from her, and it pours all over her face. She chases them into Ash’s room, and they look at the window in horror.
Misty takes a broom and swipes it at the window, and we hear a scream.
Ash: It fell out the window.
They rush outside.
Ash: well, thank god THATS over!
Luigi: I’m a Luigi!
They looked scared.
Luigi: Hey, whatta happened to Mario?

                                           Episode 15
Ash, Brock and Misty are walking through Ash’s front door.
Brock: That was one hell of a concert!
Misty: Yeah, the Johto Region Girls are my favourite band!
Ash: But, you have to admit, the supporting act wasn’t great.
Misty: Yeah, it took ages to wash that marker off.
Brock: Do... do you guys suddenly have a desire to burst into song?
Ash: Yeah! I do! Brock, pass me my guitar!
Brock gives Ash his electric guitar, and he and Misty sing Don’t Stop Believin.
Misty: Well, that felt good.
Brock: Buy the way, Ash, that blind date you set me up on last night sucked!
Ash: Why?
Brock: It was with a 28 year old woman! Jessica Cromwell!
Misty: You mean the one out there?
Brock: What?!
Brock and Misty go outside to Jessica.
Jessica: Who’s that!
Misty: Me?
Jessica: Why, Brock? Why?!
She sings Forget you. She leaves.
Ash runs out.
Ash: Guys! That was the Pokemon University! I’ve been accepted to the school! I’m going to the Sinnoh Region!
Misty: That’s... that’s great!

Misty is in the field. She sings My heart will go on.
Ash and Brock come up to her.
Ash: Misty, Team Rocket have stolen Pikachu, and they say if we call the police, they’ll kill him! We can’t stop them!
Misty: What? Yes we can!
They sing if We’re together.

On the hill, they approach Team Rocket.
Jesse: Look, James, it’s those kids again.
Ash: Just give us back Pikachu! Surely, your mission in Pallet Town is not to capture my Pokemon. What do you want, money?
Team Rocket sing Price Tag.
James: Never mind our mission, you’re not getting your Pikachu back.
Ash: Go, Butterfrie!
He summons Butterfrie.
Jesse: Get em, Pikachu.
Pikachu looks at them.
James: Maybe we should have trained it to trust us first.
Jesse: Oh, look, it’s time for Seinfeld.
They run off.
Misty looks at Ash.
Misty: Well, you should probably go pack for Kanto.
Ash: I declined their offer.
Misty: Why?
Ash: I don’t know. I guess, I just wanna stay around awhile.

Ash, Brock and Misty are walking down the hill.
Brock: You know what’s weird? This was a musical episode, but nobody danced.
Ash: Oh yeah!
Misty: That’s right!
Brock: It’s probably because you guys can’t dance.
Ash: Wait, what?!
Misty: We can dance!
Brock: Well, do you know any good dances?
Misty: We know one from the best sitcom ever!
Ash and Misty do the routine.
Brock: Please, never do that again!

Ash, Brock and Misty are sitting on Ash’s sofa.
Jesse and James come to the window.
Misty: I told you cutting their power would work.
Jesse and James: Can you put on Seinfeld?
Brock: Uh, you guys know Seinfeld ended...
Jesse and James (covering ears): LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!
Ash, Misty and Brock look at each other.
Ash, Misty and Brock: Let’s put on Frasier!
They change the channel.
Jesse and James scream.

                                          Episode 16
Brock is walking down the street, drinking a slushie. He bumps into someone, and falls, spilling his slushie.
Brock: NO!!! YOU SON OF A...
He looks up and sees Nurse Joy, and his face goes blank.
Brock: ... most beautiful creature in the entire world.
She smiles at him.
Joy: You poor thing. Sorry about your slushie.
Brock: My slu... wha?
Joy: Let me help you up.
She helps him up.
Joy: I’m Joy. I’m new in town.
Brock: I’m Brock. How come you moved here?
Joy: Oh, I’m an intern at the new Pokemon Center a few blocks down. Once again, sorry.
Brock: It’s cool.
Joy: Would you let me buy you another slushie?
Brock: I’d like that.
They walk off together.

Ash and Misty are playing Pokemon trading cards on the sofa.
Misty: Ha! I get your Chikarita!
Ash: I do not understand this game.
Misty: Eh, nobody does.
Brock comes in and falls on the sofa.
Brock: I am SO in love.
Ash: What, with a girl.
Brock gives him a dirty look.
Misty: Well, come on, lover boy, tell us about her!
Brock: Her name is joy, and she is super awesome! She loves slushies, breeding Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. Melee!!! Her birthday’s coming up, and I’m gonna get her Super Smash Bros. BRAWL!!!
Misty: Now, THAT will show you care!
Ash: Brock, out of interest, how long have you known her?
Brock: Seventeen magical minutes.
Misty: Brock I think your moving a bit too fast! Do you remember when you went on a date with that girl from the Day Care Center? You knew her for half a day and you loved her? Do you see what I’m getting at?
Brock: Yeah. I gotta pick up my Rapidash and Ditto from the Day Care Center!!!
He runs out.

                                      Episode 17
Ash is on his couch, playing his guitar. His mom comes in the door.
Mom: Ash, I’m home from work!
Ash: Hi, Mom.
Mom: What are you doing?
Ash: Just playing my guitar.
Mom: Did I ever tell you I was in a band?
Ash: Really?
Mom: Yeah, me and Spencer Hale were in our own band,  Delia and Spencer’s All Night Hootenanny.
Ash: Well, that sounds...  nice.
Mom: You know, maybe YOU should start a band!
Ash: Yeah... maybe I should.

On the field, Ash stick’s up a band auditions poster.

Ash, Brock and Misty are sitting in Ash’s kitchen, with Misty texting.
Ash: Okay, who’s first?
Team Rocket come in.
Ash: NEXT!!!
James: hey, you can’t kick us out just because you don’t like us!
Brock: Actually, we can! NEXT!!!
Jesse: We’ll show you! We’ll...  we’ll start our own band!
They leave, and Joy enters.
Joy: Hi, baby.
She waves at Brock. He waves back.
Brock: Hello, Pookie!
Ash and Misty look at each other. They act like they’re about to be sick.
Joy: I’m gonna be singing “Shine”, by The Johto Region Rockers.
Ash: Well, when you’re ready.
Joy (singing badly): I’m gonna... SHIIIIIIINNNNEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brock: That was great, honey! Guys. What do you think?
Ash and Misty shake their heads.
Brock: I think that’s a yes...!
Ash begins to tear his hair, and Misty pretends to blow her brains out.
Brock: Alright, Joy, you’re in!
Joy smiles, and leaves.
Ash: I hate you.
Misty: Stupid love.

Gary comes in.
Gary: Hi, guys, I’m singing I Rule, an original song by Gary Oak.
Ash: Whatever.
Ash: You suck, now get out of my face. NEXT!!!
Gary sulkily leaves.
Zelda: Hello, I’m am Princess Zelda, but you can call me Zelda.
Misty: I don’t like you!
Zelda: I’m, a, going to sing, Caramel Dancin.
Ash: hey, that’s great, just sing.
Zelda: Dansa med oss
Klappa era hnder
Gr som vi gr
Ta ngra steg t vnster
Lyssna och lr
Missa inte chansen
Nu r vi hr med
Ash: Ok, thank you, Zelda.
She bows, then leaves.

Ash and Brock are looking at the auditionees pictures.
Ash: Okay, 20 auditionees, consisting of 1 Brock’s girlfriend, one arch nemesis, 2 Team Rockets, 3 princesses, 2 plumbers, one king koopa, and one blue hedgehog and gay fox side-kick. And there was that one Metal... Snake... Gear... thing. So, who do we pick?
Brock: I kinda liked the king koopa...
Ash: Yeah, but he could only hit high notes, so...
Brock: Okay, which princess, Zelda, Peach or Daisy.
Ash: Well, not Daisy, she just kept going “Yee Ha!!!”.
Brock: So, Peach or Zelda?
Ash: Well, Zelda bribed us the most, so, she’s threw.
Brock: What about the hedgehog and fox.
Ash: Nope, neither.
Someone knocks on the door.
Misty answers it. It’s Link.
Link: Is it too late to audition.
Ash comes.
Ash: Are you here to audition?
Link: Yeah, my name is Link, I’m singing...
Ash: You know what, I’ve had a bad day and bad auditions, so you’re through.
Link: Yes! I have done Hyrule proud!
Ash: You’re from Hyrule? Cause Princess Zelda is in the band.
Link: (Hoarse) Oh my god!
He faints.
Rehearsals tomorrow at 2!
He closes the door.

The next day, on the field, Ash and Link, Zelda and Mario are getting ready to rehearse.
Link is hiding behind the tree. Ash goes behind.
Ash: Link... What are you doing?
Link: I... I don’t want the princess to see me!
Ash: Why?
Link: Because, I’ve had a major crush on her since, like, forever!
Mario: Hey, are there any a pizza pies?
Ash: No.
Mario: You a disgust me!
He trudges away.
Zelda: I guess it’s just you and me, Ash.
Link: Ah, a branch!
Link trips and hits into Zelda. When they steady themselves, they look into each other’s eyes.
Zelda: Hi, I’m Zelda. I like Castle Town at night, and horse-riding at sunset.
Link: I’m Link. I like my horse Epona and getting the triforce from Gurudo villains. Do you want to go get a slushie?
Zelda: I would love to.
They walk off holding hands.
Misty comes up.
Misty: Yeah. Love sucks, doesn’t it?
He looks at her.
Ash: Yeah. Yeah, it does.

                               Episode 18
Ash’s Mom is sweeping in the hall. Ash comes running down the stairs.

Ash: Mom, I’m going to Brock’s!!!
Mom: Wait! Not right now! You can go later.
Ash: Why?
Mom: Well, me and Prof. Oak have been dating for a few months, and you don’t know him that well. So, I think it’s time you spent the day with him.
Ash: But, Mom, he’s so weird! Like, he puts on his shirt, then his deodorant! And watches Angel, and not Buffy!
Mom: Ash, I know Buffy is the most popular show in the regions.
Ash: And, the best show in the universe!!!
Mom: But, please, just give him a chance.

Ash and Prof. Oak are sitting on the sofa, awkwardly.
Prof. Oak: So... You wanna watch Angel?
Ash: I am not having fun.
Misty and Brock come in. Misty is dressed as Buffy, and Brock as Spike.
Ash: Guys, why are you dressed like Buffy and Spike?
Misty: Don’t you remember, today’s Buffy-Con, the Buffy Convention! We have to be there in like a half-hour. You’re meant to be Xander, where’s your patch, man?
Ash: Aw, man, I forgot! I promised my mom to spend the day with Prof. Oak.
Prof. Oak: Why don’t I just come to. Will an Angel booth be there?
Misty: What? No!
Brock: Angel sucks.
Prof. Oak (crying): Ash, I don’t like your friends!
He runs away, crying.
Brock: So, dude, are you coming.
Ash: I can’t, I have to stay with Oak.
Misty: Wait! I have an idea!

Oak is on the sofa, watching Angel, hypnotised.
Ash, Brock and Misty sneak out the door.

                                Episode 19
Brock and Misty walk up to Ash’s house. Ash comes out.
Ash: Hey, guys, can’t hang out, some relative died, really late! MOM, LEAVE THE CURLY FRIES, NO ONE WILL WANT CURLY FRIES AT A FUNERAL!!!
Brock: But, what are we meant to do all day?
Ash: I don’t know, hang out with each other.
He runs out. They look at each other.
Brock and Misty: Each other???

Brock and Misty are sitting on the wall.
Misty: Uhhh... so, should we watch Buffy or something?
Brock: Nah!
Misty: So, what should we do?
Brock: No idea.
Misty: Hey. Why don’t I teach you a dance?
Brock: What dance?

Ash and his mother come into his garden.
Ash: Way to get us kicked out, Mom!
Mom: What, those kids said they wanted to chuck a Frisbee!
Ash: No, they said they wanted to HUG AUNT LINDSEY!!! And then you threw it, and hit the corpse.
Mom walks away.
Misty and Brock run up.
Brock: Hey, Ash, Misty taught me the best dance EVER!!!
Misty: Show em, Brock!
Brock dances the single ladies.
Ash: Maybe you guys SHOULDN’T spend so much time together.
He leaves.

                              Episode 20
Ash’s mom runs out to Ash, Brock and Misty in the garden.
Mom: What are you kids doing? You’ll be late for school!
Ash: Mom, we don’t go to school.
Brock: Yeah, the region’s education system sucks.
Mom: Oh, did I not tell you. I signed you all up for school. But, I had to pull some strings, so, if anyone asks, Ash is a Muslim, with a glass eye and prosthetic head, Misty is half-bear, and an emu, Pikachu is an Articuno, and Brock is a 60-year old woman. So have fun!
She leaves.

Ash, Misty and Brock are at the gate of a school.
Brock: Why do they call it “The Abandoned Pallet Town Middle School”?
Ash: Well, I think it’s abandoned...
Misty: And I’m pretty sure there’s a dead guy in the corner...
They look at each other, and walk away.

                               Episode 21
Ash, Misty and Brock are in Ash’s room. Ash and Brock are throwing a Pokeball and Misty is on her laptop.

Ash: Misty, what are you doing?
Misty: Looking at Pokemon dancing! Hey, look, it’s a Pikachu!!!
Brock: What’s it dancing to?
Misty: That new song, Pika pika pika.
 Ash: Hey, that’s my Pikachu! I filmed him dancing a week ago, then put it online!
Misty: Seriously? Cause, it’s gotten like, 20 million views, it’ really popular!
Ash: Really?
Misty: Yeah, really.
There’s a knock at the door.
Ash: I’LL GET IT, MOM!!!
Ash goes down and answers the door. Jessica Cromwell is there.
Ash: Jessica? What are you doing here?
Jessica: Well, I quit Poke Loke Monthly, and am now a reporter for Johto News, and I’m here to get an interview about your recent hit online video.
Ash: Uhhh, ok.

Ash and Jessica are sitting at Ash’s kitchen table.
Jessica: So, Ash, will you be releasing any more videos?
Ash: Well, uhhh, I haven’t really thought about it yet...
Jessica: Well, that’s ok? So, how is your directing tying in with your training?
Ash: Pretty normal, you know.
Jessica: Em hm. So, how’s the lady in your life?
Ash: WHAT?
Jessica: You know, your current girlfriend?
Ash: Well, I’ve only had three girlfriends, the first was Dawn, when I was 10, but she kept eating glue, then there was May, but her voice was too nasal...
Jessica: No, that Misty girl!
Ash: Oh, we don’t date anymore.
Jessica: Don’t worry, you’ll get over her. Well, that’s that! Gotta go.
She leaves.
Ash: Yeah... get over her...

                               Episode 22
Ash, Brock and Misty have just chased Team Rocket up the hill.
Ash: Hey, give us back Pikachu, or this time, we won’t show mercy.
Jesse: Ha ha ha! You think you can beat us up?
Misty: You’d be surprised how much Buffy we watch.
She picks up a rock and throws it at James’s head.
He screams and falls. When he gets up his face is blank, and he looks at Misty.
James: MISTY.
Jesse: Great, now he has a concussion!
He walks arms outstretched to Misty.
Misty: Oh crap, uhhh, I gotta go.
She runs out.

Later, Misty is walking out of Ash’s house, with her iPod.
James jumps in, with flowers.
Misty: Uhhh, thank you, James.
She takes them.
She smirks at him, then walks away.

Misty is walking down the road, and James gives her a slushie.
Misty: Awww, thanks.
She begins to drink it.
She spits it out.
Misty: Uhhh, I don’t know...
James: PLEASE???
Misty: Look, learn to talk normally, and I’ll go out with you.
James: Deal!

Misty walks into Ash’s sitting room.
Ash: Where have you been? Buffy started 4 minutes ago!
Misty: Uhhh, I was, on a date.
Ash: With who?
Misty: James.
Ash: WHAT?!?!?! Misty, he keeps stealing Pikachu! He works at Team Rocket!
Misty: I know, but, he’s sweet, and nice, and polite. And I’m seeing him later, so, I gotta go.
She leaves.
A while later, there’s a knock at the door. Ash answers it to Jesse.
Jesse: I just thought your friend would want to know, James’s concussion has cleared up.
Ash: Did you not here? They’ve been dating for a week!
Jesse: I know, he’s had a crush on her for ages.
Ash: Really?

Misty and James are walking down the road.
James: I forgot to tell you, my concussion has cleared up.
Misty: Wait, so you don’t like me just because of it?
James: No.
Misty: Oh, thank god! So what do you wanna do?
James: Oh, I can’t do anything, I have to work tomorrow.
Misty stops.
Misty: Wait. You’re still gonna work at Team Rocket?
James: Yeah, why?
Misty: James, that place is sick!
James: But, I love it there.
Misty: Then, I don’t think it’s wise we stay together. Goodbye.
She walks away.

                             Episode 23
Ash appears in front of the camera.
Ash: Okay, this is a special day so I decided to film it on camera. Ash Ketchum and the Righteousness have gotten their first gig, and I got Brock to film it.
Brock: Yep!
Ash: But, Misty can’t be here, because she got arrested for assaulting a gym leader, but we’re gonna bail her out tomorrow. Ok, Brock, I gotta go get changed, so you go talk to the band.
Brock: Got it!
Brock goes into the sitting room, where Link, Zelda and Ness are sitting down.
Brock: Hey, guys, Ash is just getting changed, so. Um. Link, why’d you dye your hair?
Link: Um, I’m not sure. Just...wanted to. So
Brock: Ok. Hey, Ness, you replaced Mario, right?
Ness: Yeah, I did.
Brock: Right, that’s sort of interesting. What do you do?
Ness: Uh, drums.
Brock: Drums, right. So, Zink, or is it Lelda? How long have you been going out?
Zelda: Uhhh, 2, maybe 3, months.
Brock: Right. So, what you wanna do?
Ness: Um, wanna play Karaoke?

They are seen playing Karaoke, with Zelda singing Woah, Woah, by Ali and AJ. Ash comes in.
Ash: Guys, I’ve got some bad news.
Ness: What?
Ash: They cancelled.
Zelda: Oh, no.
Link: So what do we do now?
They play Karaoke, with Ash singing Grenade. He finishes.
Zelda: Thank god that Misty girl isn’t here, she is a BEOTCH!
Ash: Um, Zelda, you know she’s gonna watch this?
Zelda: Uh-oh. Link, honey, let’s go back to Hyrule.
She drags him out the door.

                                   Episode 24
Ash, Brock and Misty are sitting on a wall, with Pikachu on Ash’s lap.
Ash: Oh, that musical episode of Buffy...
Jesse and James come up.
James: Ok, guys, hand over the Pikachu!
Ash: No!
Jesse: Look, we’re having a really bad day, so, could you just give em to us.
Ash: It’s still no!
James: Ok, who’s turn is it too grab it?
Jesse: Mine.
She grabs him, and they run away.
Ash: Hey!
He runs after them.

On the field, Ash finds Pikachu on the ground. He picks him up.
Ash: That’s weird. Why did they just leave him here?
Pikachu starts going wild.
Ash: Pikachu, stop it!
Pikachu swipes at Ash, and he falls to the ground, with blood on his face.
Ash is left unconscious on the ground.

Later, he wakes up in his bed, with Misty and Brock over him.
Ash: What happened? Where’s Pikachu?
Misty: He attacked you, and then ran off. Ash, we think Team Rocket did something to Pikachu, he’s attacking everything, they’ve locked down Pallet Town.
Ash: That’s why they left him there! They drugged him to do this!
They hear the doorbell.

Scene cuts to Ash’s mom answering the door. Team rocket stand there.
She is knocked unconscious by them.
Scene cuts to Ash’s room.
Brock: It’s them, they’re here to get us!
They run out of the room, and down the stairs.
Team Rocket see them. They chase them through the kitchen.
Jesse tackles Brock. He struggles, but she forces a pill in his mouth and he goes limp.
James pins Misty against the wall, and gives her a pill. She falls down.
Jesse and James both go towards Ash, and throw him on the table, and give him a pill, and the screen goes black.


                                   Episode 25
Ash wakes up in his Mom’s room. He, Brock and Misty are lying on the bed. He tries to get up, but he falls back down.
Ash: TOO... WOOSY...
He shakes Misty. She stirs.
Misty: A... Ash?
Ash: Misty... wake up Brock...
She shakes him, and then he stirs.
Ash falls off the bed, and crawls to the bathroom. They follow.
Ash kneels before the sink, and fills it with water. He sticks his head in, then pulls it up.
Ash: I’m not woozy. The drug’s wearing off! Guys, stick your head in the water!
The trainers sneak out of the bathroom, and out the front door.
Brock: Man, their security sucks!
Jessica: Guys!
Jessica runs towards them.
Jessica: Guys, you gotta stop that Pikachu, he’s just destroyed Pallet Town Upper East Side.
Ash: Your right! It’s time to stop this!
                                 Episode 26
Ash, Misty and Brock are on the field.
Brock: Ash, how are we gonna stop Pikachu?
Misty: Well, we could beat him up, we watch enough Buffy.
Ash: Nah, I don’t think Buffy’s gonna cut it.
Ryu and Cammy from Street Fighter run into the garden, and punch at the screen.
Cammy: We are Ryu and Cammy, and we are professional Street Fighters! If you wish, we can help you.
Ryu: For the measly price of 9.99 an hour.
Brock: Sounds good to me.
Misty: Let’s do it!
Ash: No! I must be the one to stop him! Alone!
Ryu: Then...
Cammy: Let us train!

Pikachu is sitting in the field. Ash walks up to him.
Ash: Pikachu, you’re not doing this, it’s just the drug! You can beat it.
Pikachu shocks him. He falls down.
He shocks him again.
Cammy: Ash!
Ryu and Cammy run up. Pikachu shocks at Ryu, but they dodge it. Cammy kicks at Pikachu, and he flies in the air, where Ryu punches him.
Ash: NO, STOP!
He scrambles to his feet, and runs to Pikachu.
Pikachu’s eyes are normal.
Ash: You beat it!
He hugs him.

Ash, Brock and Misty are sitting on the wall again.
Brock: Well, we saved Pallet Town, Pikachu’s not drugged, we found your Mom, and Team Rocket got away...
Misty: So, I guess everything is back to normal.
Ash: Not everything.
Misty: What? How?
Ash: Well, it’s pretty obvious that Team Rocket’s mission wasn’t to drug some kid’s Pikachu. And since we keep getting in the way, drugging Pikachu must have been a distraction!
Brock: So, what are you saying?
Ash: I’m saying, Team Rocket are up to something, and I think it’s time we found out what.



                PokeWrong: The First Movie
Ash, Misty and Brock are on the big hill in Pallet Town. Ash looks at his watch.
Ash: Man, Gary is, like, 20 minutes late for our battle.
Brock: Hang on, here he comes.
Gary: Hey, guys!
Gary runs up the hill, and knocks into Misty.
Misty falls down the hill, and into the woods.
Misty: Hello? Guys?
She hears someone coming, and hides behind a tree. Team Rocket enter, and Jesse is on the phone.
Jesse: Yeah, boss, it’s Jesse and James. Progress report? Yeah, we went to the site. No, we didn’t find it. No, not anything! No, please, boss, we can find it!
Ash: Misty!?
James: It’s Ketchum!
They run away. Ash and Brock go towards Misty.
Ash: Misty, are you alright?
Misty: Yeah, I’m fine. But, I think Team Rocket are getting close to what they’re looking for.

The trainers are walking down the street.
Ash: Are you sure we should ask Prof. Oak?
Misty: Do you want to find out what they’re up to?
Brock: I’ll go see if he’s in your house.
Brock walks away.
Ash: So, Misty...
Misty: Yep?
Ash: Uhhh, what are you doing this weekend?
Misty: Oh, I have a date.
Ash: A date? With who?
Misty: With Ness.
Ash: Ness?
Misty: Yeah, the drummer in your band?
Ash: Oh. So, how long have you been seeing him.
Misty: Oh, you know, like... 4 months.
Ash: Really? That long?
Misty: Yeah.
Ash: I have GOT to start paying more attention!
Brock comes up.
Brock: He’s in your house, let’s go!
They walk off.

In Ash’s kitchen, the trainers approach Prof. Oak.
Ash: Hey, Prof. Oak...
Oak: Please, Ash, call me Samuel.
Ash: Ok, Samuel. Do you know anything about what Team Rocket are up to.
His face looks worried.
Oak: No, I don’t. And I don’t think you should look into it.
Ash: But...
Oak: I’m sorry, I have to leave.
He picks up his book, and he leaves.
Brock kneels down.
Brock: Hey, he dropped this.
He passes it to Ash.
Misty: What does it say?
Ash: It says, Team Rocket raided an archaeological dig last week.

Ash, Misty and Brock are at a place in the field.
Misty: Is this the site?
Ash: Yeah, see if you can find anything.
They look around on the ground.
Ash finds a glowing orb in the grass.
Ash: Hey, you guys!
They come over.
Brock: It’s some kind of orb.
Ash: How will we find out what it is?
Misty: I know! We should take it to Tracy! He just got out on Parole!
Brock: Will his P.A be ok with it?
Misty: Well, his P.A. is Officer Jenny, so it should be ok.
Ash: Well, I should get home.
Brock: Oh, and I have a date with Joy.
Misty: Ok, I’ll take it to Tracy.
She takes the orb.
Misty: What are you?

Joy is standing on the path. Brock comes up to her.
Joy: Hey, are you ready?
Brock: Yeah, let’s go!
Suddenly, James appears behind them, and knocks out Brock, then Joy.
James: Let’s go somewhere else, first.

Misty meets Tracy on the field.
Tracy: Misty!
Misty: Hey, Tracy. I need you to look at something for me.
Tracy: What?
Misty: This orb I found.
Tracy looks at it.
Tracy: Whoa.
Misty: What is it?
Tracy: I... I think this is the orb of The Sleeper.
Misty: Who’s The Sleeper?
Tracy: I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve heard of the orb before.
Misty: So, how do I know if it’s The Sleeper’s orb?
Tracy: You need the Halo Scanner.
Misty: Ok, where can I get one.
Tracy: You mean, where can I get IT. There’s only the one in existence, and it belongs to, and was created by Prof. Oak.
Misty: Ok, I can just borrow it.
Tracy: Afraid not. It was stolen by Team Rocket awhile ago.
Misty: So, that’s why Prof. Oak had all that stuff about Team Rocket in his book. So where is it now?
Tracy: At Team Rocket HQ.
Misty: Ok, I’ll tell Ash. Can you mind the orb?
Tracy: Sure.
She walks away.
Tracy: Well, I better call my P.A. now.
Jesse appears behind him, takes the orb, then knocks him out.
Jesse: Can I borrow this? Thanks. Sure you can come with me.
She begins to drag him.

Ash’s mom is walking home from the shop, with bags in her hands.

Mom: Ash is going to LOVE the frissbee I bought him.

James appears behind her, and knocks her out. Jesse shows up.
Jesse: I’ll put her in the van, you use the computer.
James runs in to the house. Misty is seen behind the wall, looking suspicious.

James runs into Ash’s room, and plugs a memory stick into his laptop.
James: Yes, the data’s coming up! I better go tell Jesse!

He runs out. Misty runs in, and sees the laptop. She goes to it.
Misty: I gotta send this to Ash’s phone.
She types.
James comes behind her, and puts a cloth over her face, and she goes asleep.

Ash is walking down the street, drinking a slushie, and playing on his phone.
Ash: Hey, I got an e-mail from Misty! The orb test on the Halo Scanner was positive? What does that mean? I should check the original address.

The boss of Team Rocket is on the field. Ash runs up and pins him to a tree.
Boss: What are you doing, this is expensive!
Ash: What is the orb?
Boss: What orb?
Ash: YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT ORB I’M TALKING ABOUT, YOU B*STARD! The one you took from Tracy, the one you put in the scanner!
Boss: Alright, alright! It’s the orb of the sleeper, and Jesse and James have your friends!
Ash: WHERE?!
Boss: On the Pallet Town Hill!

Ash walks up the hill, and sees his friends tied up, and Team Rocket holding up the orb.
Ash: Let them go, Team Rocket! Why do you want this orb?
Jesse: Because, child, the orb can be used to resurrect The Sleeper, and he can change the human evalution system any way he wants!
Ash: So?
James: So, we are going to use him to populate all the important people in the world into Pokemon!
Jesse: But some, we will threaten them to hand over the rights to their businesses, companies and even countries to TEAM ROCKET!
James: And now...
Jesse: Behold...
Jesse and James: THE ALMIGHTY SLEEPER!!!!!!
Ash: NO!!!
There is a big flash of light on the hill, and The Sleeper appears.
Jesse and James begin to bow.
Team Rocket: Greetings, almighty Sleeper!
Jesse: Hey, since we brought you to this universe, do you think you could help us with our world domination?
Jesse and James: Whoops.
Ash runs up to the Sleeper
Ash: Then I guess I have to stop you myself!
The Sleeper blasts a ray of light and Ash dodges it. Ash kicks him, and The Sleeper keels over, then blasts him, and Ash falls over.
Scene cuts to Misty, who slips her hand out of her restrains, and crawls away.
Misty: Here’s the dig site where the orb was. Hey?
She sees a sword in the sand.
Misty: The Sleeper’s sword?
Scene cuts to Misty cutting Brock free, and Brock tackling Team Rocket.
Misty: ASH!
Ash looks, and Misty throws Ash the sword, and he stabs the Sleeper, who falls down.
Misty runs to Ash, but then a huge blasts from The Sleepers’ body, and they fall down to the woods, and are knocked out.

Ash and Misty are shown coming to, and they go back up to the hill.
Ash: Everybody’s gone.

Ash: See if you can find anything.
Ash and Misty begin to look around in the grass. Misty finds a piece of rock.
Misty: It... it looks like a piece of the orb.
Ash: Joy?
Joy: I managed to escape, but they got the others. I think someone else escaped, but I’m not sure.
Ash: Well, at least your alright.
Misty: So what do we do now?
Ash: I guess we should wait awhile, and plan. Let’s get back to my house.
Ash and Joy are in the kitchen, making popcorn.
Ash: So. Good thing you escaped.
Joy: Yeah. Lucky me.
Ash: What’s wrong?
Joy: Ha! More like what isn’t wrong! All of my friends are kidnapped, and there’s an evil spirit loose in Pallet Town!
Ash: Don’t worry, things will get better.
Misty runs in.
Ash: Misty, what is it?
Misty: It’s Jessica Cromwell. She’s just announced on the news that Team Rocket were spotted in the Pallet Town woods earlier. I think we should check it out.
Ash: Ok. You guys go to the woods. I’m gonna talk to Jessica.

Jessica is sitting on a wall, eating a sandwich.
Ash: Jessica?
Jessica: Yeah, what?
Ash: I need you to help me.
Jessica: Uh, I have GOT to stop coming here for lunch.
Ash: So, will you help?
Jessica: What do you want?
Ash: I need you to research the origin of The Sleeper.
Jessica: The Sleeper, that guy who haunted Pallet Town woods, and can change evolution?
Ah: Yeah, him.
Jessica: Ok, but only if you and your friends top bothering me when I’m eating lunch.
Ash: Deal!
Jessica leaves. Ash looks on behind her.
Ash: What the...?
He sees Team Rocket.
Jesse: Hey, it’s over there!
They run to where she points.
Ash follows. He sees them take a shard.
Ash: It’s part of the orb.
Suddenly, Ash is knocked unconscious, and is dragged away.
Ash wakes up on his porch, with Gary standing over him.
Ash rubs his head.
Gary: I did it so you wouldn’t struggle while I got you away from them!
Ash: It still doesn’t take away the pain!
Jessica runs in.
Ash: Jessica! What did you find out?
Jessica: I found out that when the sleeper’s body is defeated, his soul lives on, but his orb is blown to pieces. To resurrect the body, you have to combine all the pieces of the orb.
Gary: What happens if you don’t?
Jessica: Then it takes over the nearest human body until you do.
Gary: So, who was closest to him when he was defeated?
Ash: I was.
Jessica: No, it doesn’t work on the defeater. So, who was closest?
Ash: Oh, no.

Scene cuts to Misty in the woods. She finds a shard.
Misty: Hey, Joy, I found one!
She is knocked unconscious, and Joy takes her shard.
Joy: Thank you, puny female humanoid. And now.
She waves her hand in an odd shape in the air. Light comes out of it.
Joy: And now, The Sleeper’s curse is upon you. You may never leave my home woods.
Joy glares at her.

Scene cuts to Ash, Gary and Jessica hiding behind a wall. Team Rocket are standing with their backs to them.
Gary goes out and takes their shard from James’s hand
Gary: I got it. I wonder what happens if...
Jessica: Gary, no!
He combines the two shards, and he is thrown off his feet, and writhes on the ground.
Ash: What’s happening, is he having an exorcism?
Jessica: No, he’s just in shock!
James: Hey, where’s our shard?!
Ash: They’re coming!
Jessica: I’ll take care of him, you go!
Ash: But...
Jessica: Go!
Ash runs away.
Jesse and James see him.
Jesse: It’s Ash, he has our shards!
They chase him.
Ash runs by Brock, tied up.
Brock: ASH!
Ash: Brock? Where are the others?
Brock: They’re  in Team Rocket’s balloon, they were gonna use me as bait!
Ash cuts him free.
Ash: Listen, I don’t have much time, but The Sleeper took over Joy, and she and Misty are in the woods, and Misty’s probably in big trouble, so go help her!
Brock: I’m on it!
He runs away. Ash runs the other way.

Brock arrives in the woods, and sees Joy standing there.
Brock: Joy?
Joy: No, stupid, I’m The almighty Sleeper!
Brock: Give me back my girlfriend! Joy, if you can here me, you have to fight!
Joy: (Laugh) She can never hear you.
She trips a little.
Joy: I have a weird feeling in my stomach. I... uh oh.
She opens her mouth, and a light comes out, and goes to the left, and Joy faints.
Brock: JOY!
He runs to her. The sleeper’s spirit goes through the trees and into Misty, who’s eyes open.

Ash is being chased by Team Rocket up the Pallet Town hill. He stops when he sees Misty on the hill.
Ash: Misty?
She sees him, and blasts him and Team Rocket down.
She raises her hands, and the orb shards fly into the air before her. They combine, and she is covered in a black mist. When it goes away, The Sleeper stands there, with Misty at his feet.
Brock and Joy run up next to Ash.
Misty stirs, and crawls away from The Sleeper. The Sleeper fires at Ash, Brock and Joy. Ash and Brock dodge, but Joy falls down the hill.
Misty stands up, and The Sleeper fires at her. Brock throws himself at her, and they fall before it hits them.
The Sleeper towers above them. Brock sees a shard in the grass, and picks it up.
Brock: ASH!
Ash looks, and Brock throws it to him. Ash catches it, and runs at the sleeper, whom he stabs in the back.
The Sleeper shrieks, then falls to the ground. A mist covers him, and he disappears.
A blast comes from him, and they all fly in different directions. Ash and Misty fall to the same spot they did earlier.
Misty lands on Ash, and they look into each other.
Ash: We should... get back to the others.
Misty kisses him.

Scene cuts to Team Rocket talking to Brock.
Jesse: You better give us those shards!
Brock: No! Unless you want them in your skull, you’ll leave!
Team Rocket shriek, and run away.
Ash: Go, Brock!
Misty: Hey, we should go get the people they kidnapped.
Ash: Yeah. Hey, Pikachu?
He sees Pikachu on the grass.
Destroy those shards, will ya?
They walk away, it goes black, and you hear the sound of electro shock.

                      Episode 27

Ash, Misty and Brock are sitting on Ash’s porch.

Brock: Awww, look at you two.
Misty: Uhhh, Brock... you can’t look at us.
He sulks away. Misty turns to Ash.
Misty: Hey, I was thinking, maybe we could go on our first date tonight.
Ash: A date? They still have those?
Misty: Very much so.
Ash: Ok!

Ash and Brock are in his sitting room, playing the Wii.
Ash: Yeah! You suck, Mii!
The door rings.
Ash: I got it!
He goes and opens the door to Misty.
Ash: Hey. What you doing here?
Misty: It’s our date, remember? You DID remember, didn’t you?!
Ash: What? Of course... I remember! Come on in, you!
She comes in.
Ash runs into the sitting room.
Brock: Who was it?
Ash: No time to talk, get behind the curtain, don’t speak!
He pushes Brock behind the curtain as Misty comes in.
Misty: So, what are we doing?
Ash: I, am cooking you Lasagne!
Misty: I’m  a vegetarian.
Ash: I didn’t say Lasagne, I said fish.
Misty: Ok, then.
Ash: Just sit down, and I’ll go get it.
She sits down, and he runs to the kitchen. He opens the freezer.
Ash: Oh, God bless my mom for keeping frozen fish in the freezer! Which, has rotting flesh! THAT MOVES, OH MY GOD!!!
He shuts the freezer.
Ash: Oh, what am I gonna do?

Ash and Misty are sitting on the sofa eating ice-cream, watching TV.
Misty (doubtfully): Wow, Ash, it’s amazing that the fish swam away.
Ash: Yeah, it was pretty crazy!
Misty: But good thing that you had some ice-cream and a Buffy box set.
Ash: Am I a great bf, or what?

                            Episode 28

Ash opens his front door, and Jesse and James are standing there.
Ash: Yeah, what?
James: All right, no more playing, just give us the Pokemon!
Ash: Really guys, this again?
Jesse: What, how are you sick of this?
Ash: Guys, you do this every week! Don’t YOU get bored?!
James: Not really.
Ash: Has it not occurred to you, that you suck at stealing Pokemon so much, that you’ve stooped to the level of stealing a twelve year old boy’s only Pokemon?
Jesse: Well, I...
James: I never really thought about it that way...
Ash: It’s ok, it’s ok... just, go home and watch some Seinfeld.
He closes the door.
Jesse: Maybe he’s right! Maybe we should just quit! We’re not worthy of Seinfeld... Let’s just... start watching Mike and Molly or something...
They walk away.
                       Episode 29
Ash opens the door to Brock.
Brock: Hey, there, sleepover buddy!
Ash: I told you to stop calling me that!
Ash’s mom comes down the stairs.
Brock: Hi, Mrs. Ketchum...
Mom: Well, hello Brock! Are you ready to have some fun?!
Brock: Sure... whatever you want...
She leaves.
Brock: Goodbye, Delia...
Ash looks at him.
Ash: DUDE! You’re dating Joy!
Brock: Yeah, I know. But sometimes...
He looks longingly.

Ash and Brock are sitting on Ash’s sofa, looking scared.
Ash: Good movie, huh?
Brock: Yeah. But, I didn’t think that the Zombie Slash N Mash would be so violent.
Ash: Brock... are you scared?
Brock: Nuh uh.
They get up and turn off the lights, and the room is dark.
A door opens, and someone comes in.
Mom: Who wants cookies? Hey why is it so dark...
Brock: AHHH, ZOMBIE!!!
There is a loud clang, and Ash turns on the light. Brock is standing scared, with a frying pan, and Ash’s mom is lying on the ground.
Ash: MOM!
He kneels down to her, and checks her breathing. He stands up.

                     Episode 30
Brock kneels down to Ash’s mom.
Brock: DELIA!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!
Ash: Oh, man, what are we gonna do? Uhhh, but her behind the curtains!
The door rings. Ash answers to Misty and Oak.
Misty and Oak: Hi!
Ash: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, I mean, how nice to see you!
Oak: Oh, I’m just here to use the crapper. Back in a jiff!
He runs up the stairs.
Misty and Ash go into the sitting room to Brock.
Misty: Gees, let some light in here...
She pulls back the curtain, and Ash’s mom falls out. She screams.
Brock runs into the kitchen, screaming.
Misty: YOU KNOW?!
Oak comes in.
Oak: What’s going on in here?
He sees Mom.
Oak: Awww, Delia is sleeping. Well, bye!
He leaves.
Ash’s Mom wakes up.
Mom: Was that Samuel? Ow, my head hurts. What...?
Brock runs in.
He hugs her.
Mom: Awww, Brock, you... Wait, what?!?!?!

                         Episode 31
Ash wakes up in his bed. His Mom walks in.
Mom: Happy Birthday, my little teenager!
Ash: Alright, I’m finally a teenager!
Mom: Yeah, well, don’t celebrate too much, because...
Ash: Mom, do you have to ruin my day with the puberty talk?
Mom: Alright, I’ll tell you tomorrow. Now, get dressed, Brock and Misty are down-stairs.

Ash walks down the stairs to Brock and Misty.
Brock: Happy, birthday, Ash! You’re FINALLY one of us!
Ash: What do you mean?
Misty: You know, a teenager!
Ash: Wait, you guys are already teenagers?!
Misty: Are you kidding? I think every kid in Pallet Town is a teenager!
Brock: Even Gary is!
Ash: Wait, so how old are you guys?
Misty and Brock: 14!
Ash: Oh, crap, my girlfriends a cougar! Aw, well! So, where’s my cake?
Ash’s Mom comes in the hall.
Mom: Um, I think I burned it.
Ash: You think?
Mom: Well, it’s black and crusty, so, yeah, I think it is.
Ash: Fine. Just, start with the puberty.
Mom: Well, it starts when your body...
Brock and Misty: Bye, Ash!
They run out.

                          Episode 32
Ash and his Mom are sitting at the table, drinking chocolate milk.
Ash: Wow, Mom. You never let me have chocolate milk. Is something going on??
Mom: WHAT? NO! Can’t I just spoil my son?
Ash: But what about the new Pokeballs... and the Buffy Season 4 Box set?
Mom: Ok, ok! But, Ash, please remember, I don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want me to.
Ash: Mom... what is it?
Mom: Samuel has asked me to marry him.
Ash’s face goes blank, and he begins to mumble.
Mom: Ash?
He gets up and walks out the door.
Brock and Misty are in his garden.
Misty: Hey Ash! What happened?
Misty: Really?!
Brock: Yay, I love weddings!
Ash: But...what about my Dad?
Misty: Uhhh, Ash, you haven’t seen your Dad in 5 years.
Ash: Point taken.
Brock: So, are you ok with this?
Ash: I... I guess so.

                      Episode 33
Ash, Misty and Brock are walking along the road. Team Rocket jump out in front of them.
Jesse: Alright, give us your Pokemon!
James: HEY! You said I could threaten them this time!
Jesse: Well, you SUCK at threatening!
James: Ohhh, real mature, hit me where it hurts!
He begins to weep.
Jesse: Stop it, you big baby!
James: You’re mean! I don’t wanna be your partner anymore!
Jesse: Well, I don’t wanna be yours! From now on, you are dead to me!
They walk away.
The 3 look at each other, shrug and keep walking.

                         Episode 34
Ash, Misty and Ness walk along the road, and meet Ness.
Ness: Hey, guys, I’m back from Honolulu!
Brock: Good to see you, Ness!
Ness: Hey, Misty!
Misty: Hi, Ness!
Ness: Ash, man, how you keeping?
Ash: Good. I AM GREAT!
Ness: Ok, then. So, do you guys wanna get a slushie or something.
Ash: No thanks, I think I’m gonna stay here with my girlfriend, Misty, she’s my girlfriend, you know.
Misty: Ash, your embarrassing me...
Ash: Sorry, how about we make out...?
Misty: ASH!
Ness: Well, I’m gonna go take a shower.
Brock: I’ll come to.
Ness: Uhhh, Brock, I don’t think...
Brock: Shhh, get me out!
They walk away.
Brock: Run she’s gonna explode in a few seconds!
                       Episode 35
Ash is at his laptop, playing a game.
Ash: I love this new online Pokemon MMORPG, especially because Ash, Misty and Ness are always online.
Mom walks in.
Mom: Ash, honey, how long have you been on that computer.
Ash: I don’t know, like... 8 days...
Mom: Ok, but only ten more minutes.
Ash: Ok. YES!!! TAKE THAT, BROCK TRAINER 221! Hey, is that Misty behind me...? NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KILLED ME!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess it’s back to Moshi Monsters...hello, Ash the Moshi, how are you today?

                          Episode 36
Ash, Misty and Brock are walking down the road. Ash stops.
Ash: Is that who I think it is?
Ash and Misty stop.
Ash: Oh my god.
Camera shows a girl looking all intense she sees them.
May: ASH...KETCHUM?!?!?!
Ash: May! Your voice is...delightfully more nasal.
May: Oh, yeah, well, you know how the doctor said it would get better...?
Ash: Yeah...
May: Well, he was wrong. But enough about me, who is the arm candy?
Ash: This is Misty.
May: Well, aren’t you a kitten?!
Ash: Misty, this is May Bizarski, my, uhhh, ex-girlfriend...
May: Oh, I didn’t see you there...HELLO, BROCK, IT IS ME, MAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Brock: I’m not deaf, May, I’m blind!
May: Ohhh, whoops!
Misty: So, what are you doing here?
Ash: Yeah, why are you in town?
May: I’ve moved here! So I can see you every day!!!
Ash: Oh, Joy!
Brock: No, that’s my girlfriend, silly, yours is Misty.

                          Episode 37

Ash walks out to his garden, to Misty and Brock.
Ash: Hey, have you guys seen my bike?
Brock: No, Mrs. Galveston’s cat ate it.
Misty: I’m pretty sure it’s not a cat.
Brock: Why do you want your bike?
Ash: I really want my own mobile. You know how everyone cool has a mobile?
Brock: Well, we’ll help you!
They all walk away.
They come back.
Ash: I found Mrs. Galveston’s cat, but it bit me.
Brock: I found a unicycle in the junk yard!
Misty: I found a can. Well, half-a-can.
Ash: Uhhh, just show me the unicycle.
They walk away.

                        Episode 38
Ash’s Mom is sitting at the table, looking over papers.
Ash: Hi Mom.
Mom: WHAT?!?!?!
Ash: I was just saying hi!
Mom: Uhhh, I’m sorry. It’s just, the wedding’s tomorrow, and, I have to be at the hotel in 10 minutes, spend the night, then be back here tomorrow for the ceremony. Oh, Vicky couldn’t babysit, so I’m renting the front room to Mousier Vladimir.
Vladimir enters.
Mom: Bye, honey.
She leaves.
Vladimir: Alright, you little icky thing, I’m turning this place into a hotel for the night, so get out!
Vladimir:  Well, do you know anyone French?
Scene cuts to Misty, Ash and Brock entering the hotel.
Vladimir: You are meant to be French, I assume?
Misty: I sure am! Now, if you don’t mind, I would like you to rent a room, for Moi, my lil’ croissant, and my lil’ Fromage, that would be perfecto!
Vladimir: I will rent them a room, if you can answer one question.
Misty: Ok!
Vladimir: Who is the mayor of Paris?
Misty: Uhhh........Louis Vetton?
 Scene cuts to them on the sidewalk.
Ash: Way to go, Fromage.

                        Episode 39
Ash wakes up in his bed.
Ash: Well, today’s the day. I gonna get a new dad.
Ash get out of bed. His mom walks in.
Mom: Hi honey! Do you know what happened to Monsieur Vladimir?
Ash: Uhhh, he left.
Mom: Ok. I’m gonna go get ready.
She leaves. Screaming comes from the wardrobe. Ash kicks it.
Ash: Quiet, Vladimir!
Misty walks into the kitchen, to Mom.
Mom: Hi, Misty!
Misty: Hey! Where’s your dress? You don’t wanna get married in your apron, do you?
Mom: Are you kidding. I’m so getting married in this, I love it! So, what’s the deal with you and Ash? You’ve been dating for ages. Do you LOVE him?
Misty: Wow. I... never really thought about it.
Mom: Well. Get thinking.
Misty leaves.
Oak comes in.
Oak: Well, everybody’s out the back. The guests, the priest...
Mom: This is it. We’re getting married. Although, I’m worried about Ash. He still thinks you watch Angel, and not Buffy...
Oak: He’s right.
Mom: What?
Oak: I do watch Angel, but not Buffy.
Mom: This relationship is over.
Oak: What, because I don’t watch the shame shows?
Mom: Mostly. But, also the fact I’m still married to Ash’s father. Bye.
She leaves.

Ash is sitting on his porch. Misty comes up to him.
Misty: Ash. I have some news.
Ash: What is it?
Misty: Well, I talked to your Mom, and she started talking about us...
Ash: Misty, what’s wrong?
Misty: I’m breaking up with you.
Ash: Wha...Why?
Misty: Because. I just don’t think I could ever fall in love with you. I’m sorry...
Ash: Well, at least I still get to see you.
Misty: Not this time.
Ash: What do you mean?
Misty: I’ve booked a ferry to the Johto Region, and I’m moving there permanently.
Ash: Why?
Misty: Because, it’’s too complicated! I’m sorry. Tell Brock I said goodbye.
Ash: No, wait...
Misty: No, Ash, I have to go. I... I’m sorry.
She leaves.

                      Episode 40
Brock answers Ash’s door to May.
May: How is he?
Brock: His condition is the same. It’s... not looking good.
May: Can I see him?
He lets her in.
Ash is in his bed, looking depressed, wearing baggy sweats.
May and Brock enter.
May: hey, Ash. How are you?
Ash: Dead inside.
Brock: Ash, Misty left 2 weeks ago, and you haven’t left your bed since!
Ash: What’s the point? I have no happiness, no source of joy...
May: Well, the Trainer Championships Final is coming up soon...
Ash: No point...
Brock: Buffy is on today...
Ash: Not worthy...
May: You can borrow my mirror...
Ash: Face too pretty to stare at.
Brock: Not in that state

                         Episode 41
Ash is still in his bed. The doorbell rings.
Brock: I’ll get it.
He goes downstairs. Link is standing there.
Brock: Link? How did you get in...?
Link: Never mind! Zelda broke-up with me!
Brock: I’m sorry... why?
Link: Oh, she saw me flirting with a Gurudo girl in the forest.
Brock: Well, that sucks man, but, what do you want us to do about it?
Link: I need you to help me get her back! I really like Zelda, and I’ll never flirt with anyone ever again, I swear!
May comes down the stairs.
May: Who’s at the door?
Link: Well, hello, there. Can I just say, you’re eyes are shinier then the triforce.
May: Link, it’s May, we dated for 2 years when I lived in Kokori Forest.
Link: Oh, sorry. It’s just, your voice was way...
May: I’m taking nasal injections.
Link: Because you sound stupid?
May: I have a deviated septum!

Zelda is walking down the street.
Link and Brock jump out on her.
Zelda: Link, what are you doing?!
Link looks at Brock, who nods.
Link: I came to say, I really like you, and I want you back!
Zelda: Oh...I wish you’d have called...
Link: Listen, I promise, I’ll never talk to another Gurudo again, as long as it means you and I will be together forever!
Zelda: I’m dating Ganondorf!
 Link: What?!
Zelda: Well, Peach is dating Bowser, and I felt left out!
Link turns to May.
Link: Wow, your skin is as soft as an Ocarina melody!
May giggles.
May: Stop it!

                         Episode 42

Brock and Ash are in Ash’s room, Ash still in his bed.
Brock: Ash, just get out of the bed! It’s been 3 weeks!
Ash: NEVER! I’ll never find something to fill Misty’s void in  my heart!
Kasumi walks in.
Brock: Hey, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Hey, guys! Check it out, I got Dead or Alive: Dimensions on my 3DS!
Ash: 3DS...?
He snatches it from her, and smiles.
Ash: I’m in love!
Kasumi: Well, I just paid 250 dollars for that, but, sure, you can borrow it!
Ash: Yeah... borrow...
Kasumi: I’m never getting that back, am I?

                       Episode 43
Brock walks in Ash’s sitting room, to Ash and Kasumi.
Brock: Hey, guys, Joy isn’t returning my calls. And she isn’t home.
Kasumi: Well, maybe she’s just out.
Brock: Well, I haven’t seen her in a while. I’m gonna go look for her.
He leaves.
Ash: That’s weird. I bet this has something to do with Team Rocket!
Kasumi: Who are Team Rocket?
Ash: These people that keep trying to steal our Pokemon. They might be trying to Blackmail us!
Kasumi: We should go talk to them.

Ash and Kasumi walk up to Team Rocket.
Ash: What have you done to Joy?
Jesse: Who, the blind one’s girl? Nothing!
James: Although, now that I think of it, I did see her trying to avoid him a few days ago. Jumped into a bush.
Kasumi: Oh my god. She’s avoiding him.

                         Episode 44
Brock walks up to Joy.
Brock: Hi, pookie!
She whirls around.
Joy: You scared me!
Brock: So, where have you been?
Joy: Oh. Look, Brock... it’s just...
Brock: Pookie, what is it?
Joy: I’m breaking up with you.
Brock: Wha... why?
Joy: It’s just... you’re too clingy! And I hate being called Pookie!

Brock is in Ash’s bed, depressed. Ash and Kasumi are with him.

                      Episode 45
Ash, Misty and Brock are walking down the street.
Tracy: Hey, guys, come look at this!
Ash: Uhhh, ok.
They follow him to Ash’s back garden.
Ash: What’s the big deal, it’s just my back yard!
Tracy: Look on the trampoline.
They get on.
Tracy: Yes! Your cornered! My employers are out front, ready to catch you!
Ash: Who?
Tracy: Team Rocket!
May: You sold us out to Team Rocket?!?!?!
Brock: Ash, I think we know who to call.
Ash: Yeah!
Ash, Brock and May: THE SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Ness suddenly appears and hits Tracy on the head. He falls to his knees, and Zero Suit Samus kicks him in the gut. Mario and Luigi grab his arms, and Cammy kicks him while Ryu punches him in the jaw, knocking him out.
Ash: Thanks, guys!
Ness: No problem!
Samus: Happy to help!
Ryu and Cammy: Keep fighting!
Mario and Luigi: Eat Pasta!

                  Episode 46
Ash answers the door to a man.
Ash: Can I help you?
Herb: Yes, I’m the sign-up consultant for the Trainer Championships, can I have your name?
Ash: It’s Ash Ketchum. From Pallet Town. What’s yours?
Herb: It’s Herb Ketchum. From Pallet Town.
Ash: Hey, that’s my dad’s name!
Herb: And yours is my son’s name! Wait... Ash?
Ash: Dad? It’s really you!
Herb: And it’s really you. How’s your mom?
Ash: She hates your guts!
Herb: So, about the same!
Ash: Well, this is awkward.
Herb: So. You wanna go to the zoo?
Ash: What? You abandoned me when I was a child, threw me mother into swirling depression and ruined my childhood!
Herb: I’ll get you candy floss.

                        Episode 47
Jesse and James walk into each other on the field.
Jesse: What are YOU doing here?
James: I came to steal the kid’s Pikachu!
Ash, May and Brock walk up to them.
Ash: Oh, no, both of you, get lost!
Brock: Hey, is that a jigglypuff?
Ash: Oh, crap not again!
Ash, Brock and May fall to the ground. Camera shows Team Rocket do the same.

Team Rocket wake up on the grass, James dressed as Ash, Jesse as May. They stand up.
Jesse: What cinda getup is this?
James: Why am I wearing Y-Fronts?
Jesse: Where are those kids? What’s happening?

                      Episode 48
James: I don’t understand. Where are those kids?
Ash: We’re over here!
Camera shows Ash, Brock and May dressed as Team Rocket.
May: To protect the world from devastation,
Ash: To unite all peoples within our nation,
May: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
Ash: To extend our reach to the stars above,
May: May,
Ash: Ash,
May: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light!
Ash: Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, FIGHT!!!
Brock: Brock, that’s right!
May: Alright, you guys are freaked out enough!
Ash: Now, just wake up. Wake up...
Ash: WAKE UP!!!
Jesse and James wake up on the grass.
Jesse feels in her pockets.
Jesse: They took our wallets.
                      Episode 49
Ash is sitting on his porch with Brock and May.
Ash: You guys, the Championships is tomorrow! I’M FREAKING OUT!!!
Brock: Ash, you’ll be fine!
Sabrina: Hello, Ash.
Ash: Are you Sabrina? The gym leader?
Sabrina: Yes, and now, I’m the organiser for the Trainer Championships. And since you have gotten through all the Semi-Finals, it is time you meet your opponent.
Ash: Great! Where are they?
Sabrina: Right over there. I believe it’s someone you know.
Ash: Who?
Misty: Remember me?
Ash looks in the direction of the voice?
Ash: Oh my god. Misty?
Camera shows Misty.

                        Episode 50

Sabrina: I should go.
She leaves.
Ash: Misty, what are you doing here?
Misty: You’re not the only one who can battle, Ash. I entered, won some semi-finals, and here I am.
Ash: Well, congratulations.
He storms off.
May: Ash, Wait!
She follows.
Misty sits next to Ash.
Misty: Brock, I don’t know if I should do this, what with our history. I mean, it could ruin what little friendship we have left.
Brock: Well, what do you really think?

Ash is walking into his garden, and Misty is there.
Ash: What do you want?
Misty: Ash, I...
Ash: I don’t wanna hear it!
Misty: I dropped out!
Ash: what?
Misty: I dropped out. If you cared about it this much, I didn’t want to stand in your way. Now, I have a date with Ness, so...
Ash: Well, who am I facing now?
Misty: Your opponent is right there.
He looks where she points.
Gary: Well, hello Ash.
Ash: Gary? I’m facing you?

                     Episode 51
Ash: I can’t believe I’m facing you in the Championships!
Well, you better get some sleep. Wouldn’t wanna be late. And so you know, it’s a private battle, on the famous Pallet Town Hill. See you tomorrow.
He leaves.

Ash wakes up in his bed.
Ash: Today’s the day. Better get ready.
Scene cuts to Pallet Town Hill, showing numerous characters from the show.  Ash shows up on the hill.
Sabrina: Remember the rules. Only one Pokemon, first one down wins. Now go!
Ash: Pikachu, I choose you!
Gary: Go, Azurill!
Ash: Pikachu, shock him!
Pikachu shocks Azurill.
Gary: Azurill, tackle!
Scene cuts to later in the battle. The trainers are tired.
Ash: Finish him with a shock!
Pikachu shocks Azurill again.
Gary: No! NO!!!
Mom: He did it, Ash won!!!
Ash throws his fist in the air.

Ash is sitting on the sofa in his sitting room. The hall door is open. Brock is shown opening the door. Joy walks in.
Brock: Joy?
Joy: I miss you, pookie! I... I wanna get back together!!!
Brock: Really?! Yes!
They hug.
Joy: And can you believe Ash won?
Brock: I know, it’s...great.
Joy: What’s wrong? Are you not happy for him?
Brock: I am, it’s just... I wanted to try out for the championships. But, it meant a lot to Ash, and , I didn’t want it to ruin our friendship.
Camera shows Ash hearing this.
Joy: Well, I’ll see you later.
She leaves. Ash goes into the hall, and gives Brock something.
Ash: Here. Take it.
Brock: Your Championships badge? Why?
Ash: For...for being the best friend I could ever ask for.
They hug.

                   Episode 52: Trainers forever
Ash goes outside to Brock and Misty.
Ash: Hey guys, I just sent out my application for Pokemon University.
Brock: Me and Joy sent out ours for the Breeder’s union.
Misty: And me, May and Ness sent in ours for the School of Pokemon Arts. And, I think Gary sent his to the University, too.
Ash: Yeah, but I have a very slim chance of getting in, even though I’m the trainer champion. We should all meet up tomorrow and open our replies.

Ash, Misty, Brock, May, Ness, Joy and Gary meet in Ash’s garden with their letters.
Ash: Ok, and open!
They all open.
Brock: I got in!
Joy: Me too!
Misty: I did as well!
May: Same!
Gary: I got in too!
Ness: I did too!
Ash: I didn’t.
Misty: Ash, you...
Ash: I should go.
He leaves, and Misty chases after him.

Ash is on the hill, and Misty catches up to him.
Misty: Ash, you’ll get into another school...
Ash: it’s not that! It’s just, I didn’t want you guys to get in! I mean, everything’s changing, like I’m leaving home, going to University. And, the worst part is, I won’t be able to see my friends everyday!
Misty: Ash, I know how you feel. I’m sad to leave Pallet Town! Me, May and Ness are going to Hoenn, Brock and Joy are going to Johto, Gary is going to Unova... I hate it, and it sucks. But it’s time to start a new chapter. To move on.
Ash: I’ll go fill out more applications.

Ash opens his  front door. His friends are there with bags and suitcases.
Ash: Guys, I got into the Pokemon school of training and research!
Brock: That’s great!
Ash’s mom appears.
Mom: Well, I guess it’s that time. Call me when you get there, honey. I’ll miss you.
Ash: I’ll miss you too, Mom. Tell Mimey I said goodbye.
She closes the door.
Misty: Well, this is it.
Brock: Time to go.
Ash: Time to leave Pallet Town.
Joy: Brock, our rides are here. Are you sure you don’t wanna join us?
Brock: Nah, I’m going on a ferry.
Misty: Yeah, I’m taking a plane.
Ash: I’m going by train.
Joy: Ok. Bye you guys.
Misty: Bye, Joy.
She leaves.
Misty: You guys!
She hugs Brock.
Misty: I’m gonna miss you.
Brock: Goodbye, Misty.
She hugs Ash.
Misty: You guys call me every day, ok?
Ash nods.
The three of them pick up their bags and put them on their bags. They all join hands, and walk out of the garden, onto the field. They look behind them, taking one last look at Pallet Town. They start walking again, and their hands slip down, as they all walk in different directions, leaving Pallet Town.
Donna: What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!

Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

Donna: Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate!...Okay, you caught me: I don't even eat the bananas.

--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".