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— by Mommy Guy Mommy Guy
 It was do lovely a day for death.
But when your best freind's a Necromancer, death practically follows you around.
 Takeru Negro and Nediso Pluvus turned the corner out of the sanctuary.
 "That was so long," Nediso said, drooping his head.
"Ned," said Takeru, "It was like, twenty minutes."
"So you see what I mean!"
Takeru sighed.
"And that meeting had to do with the necromancers, I thought at least that would keep you awake."
Ned looked at him, "Dude, I thought I told you already! I don't really care about the temple, or 'high priest' Tenebrae, or even Cleric Craven!"
"I thought Craven was your mentor!"
Tekeru sighed again.
"What about the passage? All the Necromancers are obsessed with that, right?"
"Not me. They won't even tell me what it does. All the say is 'it will make the world a better place'. The only reason I wanted to be a necromancer is because of the sweet shadow thing. The only problen is I keep losing my pendant."
"So, basically you keep losing your powers."
"Well, n- er... well, yeah."
 When they reached the temple, they parted ways.
 "Bye!" Called Takeru.
"See ya, Takeru!"
"Well hello, Turku." Craven called from the temple's door.
"Will he ever get my name right?" Takeru mumbled to himself.
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