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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
He hadn't change a bit, she thought. As arrogant and charming as ever.

Ahora was called to a meeting with Serpine, who had recently returned. He had offered her a reward she couldn't refuse.

Kill Skulduggery Pleasant, his friends and anyone who got in her way, and he would send her to Cleric Craven, and he would make her the Death Bringer.

She asked when she could start.

Ahora was first assigned to "take care" of Pleasant's biggest fans, to give him a warning. 2 nobodys, Elemental and Necromancer trainees, little boys. No problem.
   She saw them leaving the Sanctuary, and moved into strike. But stopped. She realised, if she was to be the Death Bringer, she was to prove herself. She didn't have to kill the children. She had to slaughter them. Make them suffer. Scream for mercy. She took out a long knife and ran for them.

She threw shadows from her necromancer energy storage units, which she had in fake fingernails, custom made. She  ran in front of them, and one tried throwing shadows at her, but he was weak. She swiped her nails in his direction, and he hit against the wall, and she contained him with shadows.
   She pounced on the other, and took out her knife, and swiped it across his forehead, cutting deep, and he winced.She sickly licked his blood and smiled.