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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
Hendrix and Zoey walked to his BMW.

"You should really go retro." she said. "Skulduggery Pleasant has a Bentley."
   "You spend to much time with cars." he complained. Zoey was such a greasemonkey. "And would you stop going on about Skulduggery Pleasant!"
   "But he's so cool!" she exclaimed.
  "Well, he told Bespoke that he's taken on a hell of a girl, Edgely's niece. He thinks she has some powers, too."
   They got in the car and started driving. Zoey's phone chimed.
   "What, do you have another date with Frightening?"
  "Shut up." she said stiffly.
"Listen." he said. "You and him have been dating for a while. Have you two—?"
  "EWWW!" she yelled. "I am not answering that!"
  "Well, what's on the phone?" Hendrix asked.
  "It's Hanson. He's got some info." Hanson Boulevard was Zoey's best friend, who was also a vampire. Zoey's parents had been murdered, and he was helping her catch the killer.
"He says that Ella in the Sanctuary has some files that—"
  "ZOEY!!!" Hendrix shouted.
  Zoey looked up from her phone and saw a large black lambragini coming straight for them. She quickly rolled down her right glove and pressed down on the swirling tatoo given to her by China Sorrows.
  The BMW went right through the car (the tatoo allowed Zoey and anything she was touching to "phase" through solid matter). Hendrix stuck his hand out and threw a fireball at the car, and the tire burst open with flames, and it crashed into a wall.
  The BMW crashed through the door of an abandoned factory (The phasing power was very powerful but incredibly draining). Zoey was so weak that just as the car stopped, she fell unconscious.