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Zoey woke lying on the floor of the warehouse. Hendrix turned to her.

"Ahh!" he said enthusiasticly. "You're awake! Are friends don't want to talk to us.

Behind him she saw 2 men tied to a pole, beaten and bloody.

She walked over to them and touched a small swirl on the palm of her hand and her hand became engulfed in black swirls. She touched it to each of the men's heads.

"What does this one do?" Hendrix asked, unimpressed.

"It's a truth serum."

"You, young lady, are spending to much time with Ms. Sorrows."

She smirked at him and knelt down to the men, giving them her best puppy dog face.

"Now, boys. Will you tell me who sent you?"

"Ferris!" one yelled. "Tucker Ferris!"

"Thank you" she said, and whacked them both over the head, knocking them out.

"I've heard of this Tucker Ferris." explained Hendrix. "She's a Necromancer, and has a colorful history with Tanith Low. It seems there's a long race to be the Death Ringer."

"And, you, Zoey "said a voice behind them "are joining it."

He struck her across the face before she could react, and then stabbed Hendrix in the back! He picked up Zoey as she screamed, and chucked her in the back of a black van. She reached for her tatoos, but he injected her with a syringe, and the tatoos turned a horrrible grey color, and Zoey knew that they, and her powers, wouldn't work, and she heard the van drive away.

When the doors opened, Zoey was outside the Necromancer Sanctuary. The man dragged her through the entrance, and she saw he was wearing a mask.

Nobody paid any attention to them, and she was brought down to a chamber. The man took of his mask, and she saw it was Cleric Craven! He strapped her to a table, and took out a knife, with black cloud swirling around it, and put it towards her skin.

Hendrix was taken to Kenspeckle Grouse and was patched up, then took a large squadron to look for Zoey. The men they captured told them they were in the Necromancer Temple, and they set off.

They burst through and stormed the Temple. Hendrix dived down to a chamber, and saw Zoey on the table, screaming while a man put black symbols into her skin. The man struck him with a knife and he ducked, then the man stormed out. Hendrix didn't follow him, instead freeing Zoey. The black symbols covered her right wrist, but she was otherwise alright.

Zoey was in horrible shock when he took her back to the Sanctuary. Waiting for them was Cleric Craven, who only Zoey knew had done this to her!

"Zoey!" he said. "I just heard! Are you alright?"

Zoey was unarmed and her tatoos were just returning to their natural colour, but one should never underestimate the power of one's fingernails, especially when the target is not expecting it. She dived on him, screaming, and began clawing at his face.
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Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

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--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".