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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
As Zoey attacked Craven, her head started pounding with pain. She gritted her teeth, trying to block it out. Suddenly, her gaze turned a negative colour, like an X-Ray. She sensed something to her left. Two boys. Elemental and Necromancer. From the Elemental, she sensed a surge of power, aimed at her.
  Her gaze returned to normal. She swiftly turned her head to them and held out her hand, meaning to shield herself from the fire, but something strange happened. The fire slowed down. The symbols on her wrist burned horribly, but she was too shocked to scream. Shadows blew out from the symbols, like deadly black air. The shadows grew in quantity and curled around the fireball, and then evaporated into nothingness.

Everyone was speechless. She looked at the two boys. They were so pale. She could hear their thoughts as clearly as her own.

"Creature.Not Human.Deadly.


She looked down at Craven. His face had long lines of oozing blood, from his face raking. He looked horrified, but she saw pleasure in his eyes. She looked to the crowd that had gathered from her attack on Craven. Then, finally, she looked at Hendrix, who for once, looked ashamed. Frightened.

Her voice was hoarse, when she asked the question that she knew only Craven knew, and would never tell her, the question that would take over her life. She looked into Hendrix's sorrowful eyes, tears flowing freely down her face, and asked:

"What am I?"