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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
Hendrix and Zoey made it to Banna Beach at about 4 o'clock. As they were walking up the grassy hill, Zoey stopped, and peered in the bushes.

"What is it?" asked Hendrix.

"I... I thought I saw... never mind." They continued walking.

It was a small little cottage, with one big window on the left one and a tiny one on the right. The door was around the side, and the chimney was jutting out beside it! An odd house if ever she saw one, Zoey thought.
  Hendrix knocked on the door and it swung open immediately.

"Hendrix!" chimed Lady Bellum.

Lady Bellum was a plump woman, with dirty blond hair, tiny little eyes and huge lips. She was wearing a sparkly black, floor-length dress with large black pieces florishing out of the back, giving her the impression of a woman with an Angel of Death's wings.

They exchanged names and entered. They sat down in a living room (which took up about a quarter of the house), with 2 blank green sofas and a square coffee table missing a leg but somehow still standing.

Bellum sat forward, as not to crush her wings. "Nice place." said Zoey.

"These living conditions displease me." Bellum replied coldly, and Zoey instantly knew Bellum loathed her. Zoey also noticed, Bellum's eyes kept changing color every half second.

"Now, Bellum, you know you have to stay here until the Sanctuary has stopped Serpine." Hendrix chimed. "I know." Bellum pouted. "You're a good boy." she said, squishing his cheek.

"I need a favour." he said. "I need you to tell us about Zoey..."

"Ahhh, yes, the Necromancer symbols. I saw it."

Zoey creased her forehead, confused.

"Bellum can see into other people." Hendrix explained.

"But, that's not one of our abilities." Zoey corrected him.

"Aye." said Bellum. "But I am not one of you. I am the universe incarnate. I was once known as Eve."

"Like, The Garden of Eden, created by God?" Zoey asked. "That Eve?"

Bellum laughed.

"You stupid Humans and your beliefs! There is no God! I am the daughter of the universe!"

"Can you remove Zoey's symbols?" Hendrix said.

"Nigh." Bellum stated. "I must not meddle with fate. But I do know a way to contain them, but I must tell you later, because, as we speak, Ahora Stemms knows you 2 are on her case, and has come for you. She is currently crawling through my bathroom window. I shall distract her, and you shall run. I will catch up. We must see China Sorrows about Tucker Ferris. Go!"

Hendrix obeyed and crawled out the window. Zoey had just swung her knee over the sill when Ahora smashed through the door. Bellum turned to Zoey.

"Appearences, dear." she said sweetly. "They can be so decieving."

Suddenly, Bellum's dress started to melt. It went all over her skin, and it BECAME her skin. It turned a light grey color, and Bellum's face, became as you would think Medusa would look, and her dress' wings became real wings.

Bellum literally became an Angel of Death.

She leaped at Ahora and she smashed through the large window, while Zoey tumbled out the small one. Hendrix was in the BMW, calling her.

Bellum tried to distract Ahora, but her eyes met Zoey's instead. Ahora charged at Zoey, while Zoey hatched a crazy plan.

"YOU are going down!" Ahora screamed, metres away.

Zoey pointed the palms of her hands to the ground. "Cry me a river, bitch." Zoey hissed. "Because I'm going up!"

Zoey pushed air down on the ground with all her might, and she flew 50 metres in the air. Ahora was running to fast to stop, and she slid into the pond, which was behind where Zoey was just standing!

Zoey began to plummet back to earth, when a hand looped around her navel. Death Angel Bellum had caught her. Hendrix was in her other arm.
  "Well, well, little one." Bellum teased. "I thibk you almost flew."

Hendrix smiled proudly.