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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
Hanson Boulevard... was gorgeous. Square jaw, ashy blond hair, tall and bulky, muscular. And he had a gentle soul too.
  While Hendrix had taken Lady Bellum to the Sanctuary to address the Elders, Zoey had been given time of her own, so she and Hanson met in Marlay Park.
  Hanson was great with helping Zoey find her parent's murderer. She wasn't really doing it for herself, but for her little sister, Marina.
  "Are things with Frightening any better?" Hanson asked.

"The same." Zoey answered. "I think he still loves this Tanith girl."

"Well, you should be with someone who really cares about you." said Hanson softly. Zoey looked into his eyes. He wasn't like other vampires. He wasn't cold, or moody, or pale, or tormented. He just tried to live his life. "You should be with someone... who loves you."

Zoey was pulled in by his eyes. His beautiful eyes. He wrapped his hand around her waist. She let him. He pulled her in and gently but his lips on hers...

"No!" she gasped pulling away. "I can't do this yet. Just- I can't-"

Words didn't find her. She backed away, left, and called Frightening.

He took the news ok. She told him she was breaking-up because he loved Tanith, he admitted it. They said goodbye, she left. Then she went back to the park, met Hanson, kissed him full on the lips, pushed him into a bush, giggled, then jumped in.

Zoey went to the Sanctuary later, to address the Elders. She met Hendrix outside the Council Hall.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Ready." she said.

He frowned. "You're peppier than normal. And why are you all messy?"

He stuck his hand in her messy crop of hair, and pulled out a silver ankle bracelet.

"This is Hanson's ankle bracelet. How did something on his foot end up in your hair?"

She opened her mouth, but no words came, so she shut it.

"Either he kicked you in the head," he said. "Or you guys shared "the fruits of love" in somewhere unsanitary."

She began to stutter, then shut her mouth, grabbed the ankle bracelet and pushed open the doors.