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— by Bertha Sniggle Bertha Sniggle
Before the boys could react, Zoey shut the hatch and locked it. She felt sorry for them. They were some of the youngest in the Sanctuary, and incase it was attacked, she didn't want them to be there.

"Go back to the car!" she yelled. "And stay there! If something happens, run!" She disappeared deep into the hatch.

"Ned," said Takeru. "Should we do what she said, or should we find a way in?" (Mommy Guy, you decide!)

Zoey travelled through the narrow tunnel. About 20 minutes later, she realised it was becoming harder to breathe, aswell as getting colder. She took out a small red velvet case and opened it. She stuck her arm in, and pulled out a heavy grey jacket and draped it over her shoulders (It was a charmed case)! However, she realised too late that the tunnel was sloping downwards!

She fell down the shute and the charmed case fell from her grasp and the coat slipped from her shoulders. When she hit the bottom and her vision cleared, she saw she was in some sort of abandoned factory. The walls were rotting brown, and it was about 3 stories high, the only way up or down clearly only possible by a broken elevator. Shafts of light came trough the boarded windows. It was day.

Ahora Stemms jumped down from the elevator shaft about 100 metres away. She walked slowly towards Zoey who ran swiftly to the left behind a huge pile of boxes.
  Zoey climbed the pile of boxes which was about ten metres high. She looked at the shaft and saw Hendrix, bound and gagged, inside! There was a chain about half-way between Zoey and the shaft. She did the only thing she could think of. She pushed the air, and jumped.

Her hand wound around the chain. She pushed the air and flung herself at the shaft, and her fingers curled on the top. Then she felt a sharp pain in her leg. Ahora had thrown a knife in her leg.
   Zoey felt her tatoos go numb. Stupid Necromancer Magic, she thought. She took out the knife and winced, then jammed it in the lock. Hendrix fell out of the shaft and used the air to soften the landing. Zoey's powers were drained, and she screamed as she hit the floor.