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— by Mommy Guy Mommy Guy
(lol look at the subject)
Nediso looked at Takeru.
"Takeru," he said, "do you even need to ask that?"
Takeru smiled, the grabbed a stick.
"Let's get digging," he said.
  Their hole was quite deep now, and suddenly a stick shot through the dirt.
"Wooah!" Screamed Takeru, as he fell into the hole and slid down some sort of passage.
"Uh, don't worry," Ned called, "I'm coming!" Then he jumped in after him.
  Takeru hit the ground hard, getting to nis feet just before Ned hit the ground too.
He didn't pay much attention to his surroundings. Not when some woman in a jumpsuit was glaring at Zoey, who was flat on the ground infront of a very confused looking tall man in sunglasses that reminded Takeru of The Matrix.
Ahora turned to look at the boys, but all she got was a glance and a large shadow in the face.
"Ned!" Takeru called. "Go get Zoey and … er, him!"
Ned nodded and ran to Zoey.
Takeru ran for the way the came. He pushed at the air and flung up into the tunnel.
Using the air, he got to the hole him and Ned had made.
He got out and ran to a small cottage. He rapped on the door.
A plump woman wearing a glittery black dress came out.
"Yes, dear?" She asked.
"Do you have some rope?!"
"Hmmm… rope… let's see."
She disappeared into the house, and Takeru noticed her sewn-on wings.
Wierdo, he thought.
She came back with a stretch of rope.
"Thanks." Takeru said quicky, grabbing the rope and running down the hole.
He heard Ned's voice ring through the hole.
He threw the rope down the tunnel.
"Grab it!" He screamed.
Everybody get up it's time to slam now
 We got a real jam goin' down
 Welcome to the Space Jam
 Here's your chance do your dance at the Space Jam