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— by Illyria Illyria
Name: Given: Unknown/Chosen: Ahora Stemms

Age: Actual: 89 AOL: 22

Magic: Adept (Necromancy)

Lil' Bio: Ahora is an assassin for the necromancers and, unkown to him, is the long lost daughter of Eachan Meritorious, the grand mage of the sanctuary. She has been hired to kill Skulduggery Pleasant and whoever gets in her way by the newly arrived Serpine.
Donna: What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!

Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

Donna: Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate!...Okay, you caught me: I don't even eat the bananas.

--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".