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— by Illyria Illyria
Here's the character bios (with their Play-Bys), so we can agree on them:

Stephanie Knight (Peyton List) - A 17-year old girl and the adopted daughter of Stuart and Kristy Knight. After she and her friends discover their parents are supervillains, she discovers she has power over the mind, allowing for telepathy and telekinesis. She can also use her powers to alter perception, allowing for tricks such as appearing invisible or making people believe they are being attacked. This ability also clears up her dyslexia. In the season finale, she is revealed as a mole for her parent's group.

Adam Hayes (Shawn Ashmore) - A shy 17-year old and the only child of Peter and Sienna Hayes. He has the power to manipulate the earth and can also alter surfaces, coating objects or enemies in rock.

Kevin Westen (Lucas Till) - A traditional college jock and the son of Damien and Lucy Westen. He is able to alter his skin material, for instance turning it rock-hard or fireproof.

Jade Cresteva (Mackenzie Lintz)- A bratty girl who is in trouble with her parents Christopher and Lois for behaving "like a Trollop" with boys. She learns she can produce electricity, but has difficulty controlling it.

Clea Bohm (Zoe Kravitz) - A college girl who has been working as a go-go dancer, much to her parents' Clark and Amanda's chagrin. She has power over the weather and the ability to fly. Her criminal past begins to catch up to the group.

Andy Holloway (TBA) - A gay computer nerd that is constantly bullied. Despite having no official powers, his intellect has been heightened by his parents Andrew and Lydia, making him an excellent strategist.

Lizzie Spiller (Elizabeth Olsen) - A lonely girl bullied for her weight. She is a natural Wicca, allowing her to perform spells and steals a staff owned by her parents Derek and Sara.

Duke Miller (Ty Simpkins) - The young son of Jonathan and Julia Miller that the group encounter at their parent's get together. He has amazing super strength, but he is very tired after using it.

J. August Richards as Stuart Knight - Adoptive father of Stephanie and leader of The Movement. He is able to shoot "energy knives" from his wrists.

Kristy Knight (Neve Campbell) - Stephanie's adoptive mother and wife of Stuart. She has the ability to manipulate water, but cannot create it.

I might add another character if I can find any place for them.
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