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— by Illyria Illyria
Here are the possible timeslots for when the episodes will "air" (be posted). Obviously they won't all be released the same week. We still don't know if we'll post them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We should decide that. You know, probably.

Survivalists (a pitch Jack is working on) - Mondays @ 7PM (if it happens)

The Network - Tuesdays @ 7PM

Goners - Wednesdays @ 7PM

Dollhouse - Thursdays @ 7PM

TBA - Fridays @ 7PM

Face Piranhas (if you were serious about doing it) - Saturday @ 7PM

TBA - Sundays @ 7PM

Friday and Sunday might not have anything. Just if we come up with anything else, that's where they'll go.
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