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(I'm putting original posts from the old Fan Club here for reference.)

Reya - The game's protagonist. He is one of the people recruited to retrieve the pieces of the X, and keeps encountering Mellica, making his task more difficult. He eventually decides to join her and the rebels after learning the Unity plans to use the pieces as weapons.

Mellica (Mel for short) - The Zönic's archaeologist who recovers the first piece of the X. She then attempts to retrieve the pieces before Reya as she works with the rebels. Reya eventually teams up to stop the creature with her and the other rebels after learning of Unity's true intentions, and she becomes his new scriptor. Near the climax, the spirit is instead resurrected in her, making Reya delay the final battle in the hopes of finding a cure to save her first.

River - Daughter of Aloso, the Zönic's Soothsayer, who sometimes follows Reya and tells him messages that she sees in her visions. It is revealed she is the shell needed for Ecrios, and her body acts as the skeleton to the X. She is later restored after Ecrios is vanquished, albeit stripped of her abilities (as well as being able to speak).

Boco - Reya's frenemy, who often goes to enormous lengths to make himself look better and obtain the pieces instead of Reya. At one point, he fails to stop a Feeyaril set on Reya and Beet just so he can get a piece instead, resulting in Reya's injury and Beet's death. This act finally opens his eyes and he apologises to Reya. However, he doesn't join the rebels, as his father is a high ranking figure in Unity, but Reya holds no anger towards him. He does, however, assist Reya in the final fight after his father dies, and ends up saving him from Ecrios.

Darla - A seasoned adventurer who is the leader of the rebels. She often gives Reya and Mellica tasks, helps them out and gives them advice. She is wounded by a Feeyaril in the final fight, but manages to convince Georgia to do the right thing before dying.

Georgia - Reya's childhood friend and daughter of Rillard. She sometimes helps him during his mission, usually getting him items. It is later revealed she is a spy for Unity, greatly upsetting Reya. She later joins the rebels, but Reya refuses to forgive her after he discovers she is only there because she is getting paid. She finally proves herself by sacrificing her life to buy Reya time in the final fight.

Beet - Reya's first assigned scriptor (poeple assigned by Unity to the recruits with a vast knowledge of history). She is very intelligent and witty, often questioning Reya, educating him on their history and assisting in puzzles. She sacrifices herself to save Reya from a Feeyaril in one of the X's temples. After her demise, Mellica fills her spot.

Rillard - Georgia's father and owner of the Hutt (shop).

Unity - The Zönic's government-like, peace/keeping organisation who recruit adventurers to seek out the pieces of the X in the hopes to stop the spirit of Ecrios from appearing. However, it is later revealed they wish to harvest the pieces for weapons, causing Reya and others to turn away and join the rebels. It is revealed in a epilogue that after the battle, they lost their standing and eventually disbanded.

Keeper Fawkes - A high up Keeper (authority figures) in Unity and Boco's father.

Aura (Pieces of Aura) - Aura was the servant to Ecrios. After the fall of Ecrios, Aura was split into several pieces and scattered all over the Zönic. After it is revealed dark forces may be resurrecting Ecrios, people are hired to gather and protect the pieces. When the pieces are damaged, they are forced to use Mellica as a temporary host, meanin Aura possesses her. She kills many during the final fight before passing to Ecrios' new host: River. The pieces act as a skeleton, allowing Ecrios to be revived.

Ecrios - An evil god-like figure who wrecked havoc on the Zönic in ancient times before it was vanquished and its loyal servant, Aura, was trapped in several pieces. Years later, dark forces attempted to resurrect Ecrios (see 'Aura' for further info)

Zönic - Future term for county/region

1: I figured, with the flying thing, the floating-car-like thing you drew could be used to get between islands, or maybe a racing mini-game or something?

2. If you get strapped for time, I'd say Georgia, Jasmine and Darla's roles could be diminished or maybe even cut altogether. Consult me first, please.

3. Feeyarils are the main enemies, but there can be others.

The game opens with the history of Ecrios. In ancient times, a dark god-like figure, Ecrios, and his loyal servant and lover, Aura, wrecked havoc all over the Zönic that floated in the sky, Oasis, (nice reference :D) killing thousands, until finally Ecrios was expelled from its host body and Aura was trapped in several clockwork-like pieces, which were scattered all over the Zönic in forbidden temples. Legend says, however, that the pieces, when combined, act as a skeleton on a new host body, which will allow Ecrios to be resurrected.
   Thousands of years later on Oasis, the Zönic Square becomes all dark clouds and booming voice, warning that Ecrios is to rise again. After the incident, Unity, the government figure, opt to recruit several adventurers to find the Pieces of Aura and give them to Unity to be destroyed. Among those chosen are Reya (the game's protagonist), a teen hunter; Boco (you choose design), his frenemy and Keeper Fawkes' son; and Jasmine (shoulder-length black hair, black leather jacket, dark eye make-up, black skinny jeans and high-heeled boots), a sweet-looking girl Reya's age who is actually a sadist. Each adventurer is assigned a scriptor, a historian who helps them on their journey. Reya is assigned Beet (blonde, beanie hat, Harry Potter glasses, green coat, plaid skirt, boots) a zany young girl who knows her history.
   When Reya and Beet enter the first temple, they meet Mellica (Reya's age, shoulder-length blonde, bronze knee-length dress, bronze boots) an archaeologist working for the rebels. She refuses to hand over the temple's piece, saying the rebels have their reasons for taking them. She then escapes with the piece. Reya then continues to occasionally encounter her in temples.
  Throughout the game, Reya can stop by the Hutt, a shop which sells him items run by a man named Rillard. Rillard's daughter, Georgia, befriends Reya and offers him free items in exchange for doing jobs for her (side quests!).
   Reya and Beet continue to enter temples and retrieve pieces (having boss fights, if you like). Partway through, Reya and Beet are forced to team up with fellow recruits Boco and Jasmine to escape a particular baddie in a temple. Reya and Jasmine decide to team up to find pieces, but Boco denies them, saying he can do so alone.
  Awhile after, Reya, Beet and Jasmine take a piece in a temple that turns out to be boobytrapped. Jasmine is sealed in the throne room while Reya and Beef are trapped in a room full of Feeyarils. Boco appears, but cares only for the piece, taking it and escaping. Luckily, Mellica had followed them into the temple and quickly takes the two to a room that will temporarily keep them safe. Beet uses her historic prowess to open a passageway, allowing Reya and Mellica to escape, but trapping herself in with the Feeyarils, which proceed to kill her. Reya and Jasmine return to Unity with Mellica and argue with the unhurt Boco, saying he did nothing to help them. Keeper Fawkes chastise the two and threatens to kick them out, as well as revealing Georgia (who Reya had been developing feelings for) was hired to spy on Reya for Unity. Mellica decides that Reya can be trusted and reveals the rebels have discovered Unity plans to harness the power of the pieces for weaponry. Fawkes attempts to arrest Reya, Mellica and Jasmine, but the other adventurers protect them. They all take the pieces and defect to the rebels.
  Darla, the rebel's leader, assigns Jasmine with another task and tells Mellica to be Reya's new scriptor. Reya and Mellica venture to the few remaining temples and finally collect all the pieces. However, after getting the last piece, Unity attack the rebels in the middle of the Zönic to attempt to steal the pieces. During the confusion, one of the pieces is damaged, which force the pieces to latch to a temporary host: Mellica. Possessed by Aura, she destroys half the Zönic and flees out to the desert. The rebels join to prepare for the fight to stop Aura. Reya is surprised to learn Georgia has joined the rebels, but yells at her when he learns it is only because someone has paid her.
   Reya, Darla, Jasmine, Georgia and even members of Unity join in the Zönic Square as Mellica/Aura reappears with several demons in her wake. But moments before the fight starts, Mellica/Aura sees River in the gathering crowd, and realises she is the true host. The pieces abandon Mellica/Aura and bind to River, which act as the required skeleton, and finally Ecrios is resurrected. During the battle, several people are killed. Keeper Fawkes attempts to convince his son to abandon the fight, but is killed in the process. Darla is mortally wounded, but convinces Georgia to help Reya if she truly has feelings for him, before dying. She does so, distracting a pack of Feeyarils from him, which results in her death. Boco keeps the rest at bay while Reya gets to Mellica/Aura. Reya tries to talk to Mellica an convince her to overpower Aura. Mellica succeeds, expelling Aura from her body. Finally, Reya reaches Ecrios and with the help of Mellica, Boco, Jasmine and even River, manages to destroy the "skeleton", freeing River and killing Ecrios.
   It is revealed afterwards Unity lost their standing and were shut down and River lost her psychic abilities (as well as the ability to speak). In an epilogue, however, River receives an abstract vision telling of gathering darkness, but, as she cannot speak, she can not tell anyone.


Easter eggs:
"His body is ready."
"I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I got old. Now I just read books about adventure."
"Beet: It's probably full of ghouls and ghosts of all kind...
Boco: Ghouls and ghosts!? I don't wanna die!"
"Ba ba ba baba bah! Dum."
"I once went on an adventure. Trust me, you'll regret it when you reach the water temple."


I'm working on a remake of Regalia, adding more gameplay features (like items and actual flying to the places), better graphics (including varying dungeon themes instead of the same style for each dungeon) and the full story. Here's an hour's work in comparison:

Here it is in the final version of the engine. Same area, new design.
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