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Empire (working title)
— by Illyria Illyria
2026. The world is rocked when an eclipse mysteriously merges Earth with a demonic dimension. Humans are now forced to live amongst demons, hellbeasts, vampires, warlocks, werewolves and more (all given a unique spin, of course), and tensions are rife.

Five years later, in the newly-formed city of New Queensland, humans and monsters try to live separate lives under one roof. Crime is plentiful, as are hate crimes and the occasional satanic ritual. The only line of defence is a tiny private investigations agency in a bad neighbourhood, kickstarted by Gabriel (temp. name), a man who has for years wandered aimlessly, having had some demonic qualities years before any supernatural beings plagued the Earth. Some of his co-workers include Maya, a turbo-charged woman fuelled by vengeance who had previously killed demons for hire; Kendrick, a brotherly figure to Gabriel who acts as comic relief; Malcolm, a stoic, laid-back expert of the occult; Krista, a single mother/ex-cop who has an agenda of her own; andĀ Ariana, Gabriel's sweet-hearted, somewhat ditzy secretary.

As the unlikely team join forces, they deal with cases blurring the line between human and demon: perhaps infiltrating an inter-species fight club, assisting a vampire reality TV star orĀ helping a family stop a neighbouring Castrok Demon from eating their plants. And through it all, as tension between the two parties reaches breaking point, as Gabriel explored his origins and as Maya seeks revenge on the demon that took the thing she loved most, a force is coming that will prove bigger than both human and demon, which may just force them to come together to survive.

Share thoughts. I'll put up character profiles (personality, brief history and physical appearance) later. I is tired.
Donna: What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!

Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

Donna: Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate!...Okay, you caught me: I don't even eat the bananas.

--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".