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Gabriel (I'm not sure about that name, chiefly because angels will come into it later as a "big reveal" and that might be a bit cheesy: thoughts?): Gabriel's origins are shrouded in mystery, because he wandered aimlessly for ages trying to figure out why he had some traces of demon in him (think Wolverine at the start of the first X-Men). He takes on the leadership role, and has an inner-torture thing about him: he's Angel, but slightly more fun. Thirties with close-shaved dark hair, strong jaw, well-built but not hulk-sized. Dresses in simple hoodies, tees, the occasional trench coat for dramatic effect. (Reference Picture:

Maya Montez: Maya came from a rough neighbourhood but eventually found happiness with Joshua, her fiancé. But, of course, it all goes to shit, and he is killed when hell first reigns down upon earth. Maya knows the demon who did it got away and, coming from a family of military, becomes a mercenary, specialising in demons, hoping to track the killer down, but also to purge the earth of demons, whom she naturally holds a deep hatred for. She is later somewhat unwillingly inducted into the team and Gabriel struggles to keep her in check. Maya is a firecracker with a wild streak, eager for anything physical and taking a bit of satisfaction in the kill, almost drug-like. Also, as expected, she has issues with men. Wears leather, skinny jeans, boots. Basically, she's Faith. Look, she even looks like her. (Reference Picture: [BTW, the dead fiancé thing kinda stinks now, I plan to give it more meat]

I'll upload the others tomorrow or Sunday.

I think Krista's role on the team will be replaced by Lilah, a shy young witch who has the power for total magical badassery within. Krista might be a minor or recurring character.
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