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— by Mommy Guy Mommy Guy
Putting this here so it's not forever lost to the depths of Skype history:

I'm (ironically) reviving Regalia: Revival as a sort of Shadow of the Colossus style game.
 When I did the Zelda thing it wasn't really working because it had cool dungeons but then there was this big open world with loads of story focus between them, and the two didn't really match
 But I can fix that without changing the story at all- The pieces of Aura are held within creatures scattered around on the different islands.
 By removing the combat focus it helps the overworld and dungeon levels blend, and by making it more exploration-based the open world in Regalia: Revival won't feel out of place.
 And rather than feeling like a game with a story slapped on it, it'll be like a story told through a game as the story will be what's driving the gameplay, and rather than having to awkwardly link dungeons together to avoid too many story interuptions the story can play out naturally through the game.
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