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The LFOB Chronicles
— by Illyria Illyria
First it was the apocalypse, then a horror movie. Now, Leon and co face their toughest challenge yet: REAL LIFE!

Leon Fox O'Brien left Ireland to take over the world. But, when an accidental insulting of Japanese officials puts a halt to his budding video game career, Leon is sent back to Dublin defeated. Determined not to give in, Leon goes to ridiculous lengths to try to entice his now-successful friends back for one amazing project to put him on top, a story all told through his in-progress documentary.

And you can catch episode one RIGHT NOW!
Donna: What happened? Do you want to talk about it? I have ice cream!

Harvey: It's 8.A.M.

Donna: Which is why God made Chunky Monkey. It has chocolate and bananas. Bananas are part of a healthy breakfast. And who cares about bananas? It has chocolate!...Okay, you caught me: I don't even eat the bananas.

--Donna and Harvey, "Suits".