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In the prologue, Byron Undersee meets with a Mr. Shan and blackmails him into giving him the rights to a toyline based on a popular video ame, Alias. He then goes to his company and orders his scientist Kishimoto to put an illusion chip in the gauntlet toys, because reasons.

Three months later, Daniel 'Akai' Rogers receives a gauntlet set from the game for his birthday and shares them with his friends Steve, Barney, and Carly 'Blu' Valentine, Barney's girlfriend. The gauntlets emit a hologram that lets the kids create their own "Alias". Akai becomes Pyro Dragon, Steve is Turbo Dinosaur, Barney gets Kana Eel, and Blu becomes Lady Shadow. The toys become a huge success, letting fans practically play the game in real life, and being able to link their Alias to their copy of the game to train and get stronger.

The toys sell out, and Undersee Corp. opt to hold a tournament. Akai and his friends reach the finals and travel to the Corporation's skyscraper where they meet a fellow competitor, Dallas Kane. They notice a worker bringing a stack of copies of the new Alias game into a room and the group, with Dallas decide to sneak in at night. They find a safe that has been left open and inside are documents revealing Undersee's secret agenda. It is revealed to the reader Dallas is a spy for Byron, and tells him that they found the documents.

The next day, Akai begins to battle Dallas. When Blu, Steve and Barney try to take the elevator down to watch him, it gets stuck, and Blu finds one of Undersee's men cutting the chord. Barney morphs into Kana Eel and slides through the door, saving them.

Meanwhile, Akai defeats Dallas, who pretends to still be friendly with them. Undersee rages at Dallas for failing, revealing she is his daughter in the process, but refuses to accept her.

Later that evening the group head back to their hotel, but are stopped by Undersee's henchmen, carrying guns. The henchmen explain that they know they found out about the plans and if they try to leave the competition or call the cops they'll kill their families (these guys don't fuck around).

Soon after, the night of the Finalists Party at Undersee's mansion, Akai and Steve see Dallas at the door. She briefly looks at them and then goes out. They brush it off, and Steve notices he left his gauntlet at the hotel and runs outside. Later at the party they notice Steve has been gone for a while and Akai shares his fears for Steve's safety with Barney but he brushes them off. Akai meets Undersee, who soon runs off. Blu then shows up in an extravagant black dress, making Akai realise his feelings for her (i.e. boner). Running off in confusion, he stumbles across Undersee discussing his worries about his "plans" with Dallas, disowning her in anger. Akai then runs off to find Steve, but is found by Blu, who expresses confusion over her feelings for him before impulsively kissing him. Undersee watches from afar, and reveals that they "got rid of" Steve, saying to "get the girl next".

The next morning, Barney punches Akai after discovering his kiss with Blu. Soon after, Akai is ordered to the roof by an anonymous caller and, remembering the meeting with the henchmen, he goes. After arriving, he finds Undersee holding Blu hostage with a man holding gun to her head, and orders Akai to fight three of his men in monster form, hoping it would distract Akai and give them time to catch Barney. While Akai fights, Blu is saved by Dallas. When Undersee sees Blu gone, Akai uses it as a distraction to flee his men. Outside the building, Dallas gets Blu in a car and drives away, only able to save her. Akai arrives in the basement to find Steve, only to see there are dozens of doors to search, and time is running out as Undersee's men follow him. Akai gives up on Steve and starts for the stairs, but notices a sound coming from a room. He looks in the window and just about makes out Steve, tied up through the blinds. The door is locked, so he smashes the window and unties Steve. They are about to jump back out the window when some goons run past and down the stairs. Akai and Steve sneak to the elevator and reach the bottom floor where they see Barney fighting some henchmen. Akai and Steve morph and defeat the henchmen and they all run outside. Akai calls Blu, who tells Dallas to turn back. Dallas refuses but eventually gives in and saves them just before the henchmen arrive at the door (with actual guns)

(fuck volume two im done)

At the start of volume two, Akai saves Steve and they manage to escape the basement after talking with another finalist, Lyra, through a vent. The three meet with Barney but are found by security and chased through the building into the battle arena, where a girl named Kaira is battling. In all the confusion, Akai, Steve, Barney, Lyra and Kaira are forced to flee (Kaira and Lyra are both literally useless from here-on-out).

I forget how, but those dudes meet with Blu and Dallas and decide to go to a small farm owned by Undersee to hide out.

After arriving at Undersee Farm, Barney's gauntlet begins flashing, and they find a tracking device. The farm is stormed by Undersee Troops (?) and helicopters. Barney is captured while Akai, Blu, Dallas and Lyra are separated from Steve and Kaira. As they escape, Blu and Lyra are captured by the helicopter.

While Steve and Kaira escape to the streets, Akai and Dallas flee to an old railway station where they are caught under fire. They escape via train, but not before a soldier catches a glimpse of Dallas' face.

Blu and Lyra are taken to an Undersee scientific facility and held as prisoners while Akai and Dallas arrive in Van Dyne City, Akai's home town. Worried his parents are being watched, he goes to his teacher's, who immediately calls the police on him. As they escape, Akai sees wanted posters for himself and his friends for apparently kidnapping Dallas and Kaira. Dallas is called by her father and Undersee, mistaking her a kidnap victim, offers a trade: Dallas and Kaira's safety with Akai's arrest in exchange for Blu, Barney and Lyra release.

Akai and Dallas meet with Steve and Kaira. They go to the Van Dyne City bridge to rendezvous with Undersee. As they are making the exchange, Undersee detonates a device put into 76 gauntlets, causing the owners to mutate into grotesque versions of their monsters. Fifty are Undersee employees, twenty-five are random civilians and one is Barney, who turns into a giant rampaging snake (sorry: eel).

As war rages on the bridge, Akai struggles to find Blu and Undersee looks for Dallas. Undersee finds Dallas, re-kidnaps Blu (I meant for Blu to be a strong female heroine, but this is like the third time she's been kidnapped...) and detonates a bomb under the bridge, blowing it apart (what the actual fuck?) and knocking Barney, Steve, Lyra, Kaira and all his agents into the water in the process. Akai chases Undersee to his skyscraper and through his research lab. He traps Blu in an experiment chamber and locks Dallas in his office while he changes into his monster form, the Murderous Demon (...) and fights Pyro Dragon. Dallas is freed when the office is destroyed during the fight. As Undersee is about to stab Akai with a huge broken piece of wood, Dallas runs in front of him, getting stabbed fatally in the chest(/boobs). Undersee flees to the roof in rage and grief.

As Dallas dies, she tells Akai her real name and promises to blow up the building (HOW?). Akai morphs into Pyro Dragon and destroys the chamber, freeing Blu. They fly away, narrowly escaping Undersee, as Dallas blows up the building, killing herself and Undersee.

A few days later, Akai, Blu, Steve, Kaira and Lyra meet at a murky beach, with Barney now stuck in his regular Kana Eel form. Unable to fix it, they release him into the sea, because reasons. Then they fuck off and leave him.

In a final scene, an unseen figure is seen to have several of the humans stuck in monster form from the bridge in tanks for experimentation, claiming Undersee - and Alias - were just the beginning.
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